G4GG – Guys 4 Girl Gamers

(Note: This page may be out of date, links may be broken or missing.  I’m getting the framework back in place with a lot of c’n’p, I’ll flesh out/revise later.)

What is it, and what is it about?

Guys 4 Girl Gamers (or G4GG) is, quite simply, a movement – or cause, if you prefer – for and of guys who support girls in gaming. We dig the fact that females play the same games, and want to support them, encourage them, and ultimately help there to be MORE female gamers.

This is still a fledgling idea, and lots of things need to be worked out with it. Some of the things that I want to address with G4GG is to bring more of a sense of equality amongst the sexes to gaming, as well as taking a stand against harassment of female gamers. Many female gamers are accused of not being females (because, obviously, they can’t be a girl and be that good), or when it is established or believed that they are in fact females, harassed sexually or otherwise. G4GG should make an effort to demonstrate to males that believe females shouldn’t game that this is an uncool attitude.

I’m launching this movement now in the barest of forms simply because I’ve put it off long enough and I believe it’s important to get it started. I’m very open to suggestions, from both guys and girls, as to what this site and movement should be and do. Even the name, Guys 4 Girl Gamers, is open to change if someone comes up with something I like better. There’s a lot of capability for expansion once we figure out more what should be done. I’ll also be looking for a couple of females to add to yggdrasil.net’s staff to give female perspectives to things (if you think you’d be interested in joining the staff as a female news reporter/columnist, e-mail me and tell my why you think you’d be good for the position). I’m also looking for someone to design a (better) logo and link button for G4GG.

Please note: this page will contain periodic updates on changes or additions to G4GG specific content and a list of G4GG pages/resources, but most actual news concerning G4GG will be on yggdrasil.net’s main news page.

Please use this button
Guys 4 Girl Gamers
to link to G4GG to show your support.

What You Can Do To Help:

Some of you have e-mailed me asking what you can do to help out with the G4GG cause. Here’s a few of the things that need to be done:



  • Design a snazzy logo for G4GG. 


  • Spread word of G4GG. 


  • Send me URLs of female gaming sites/female related gaming sites, or gaming sites with regular female contributors. 


  • Send me suggestions on what should be done on this web site to help the cause. I had a good basic idea, I need help with its growth and direction. 


Recent Additions:

FAQ list to address some of the issues I anticipate. (6/6/99)
A page of e-mails expressing support for the movement. (6/7/99)
Links page of female oriented or female run gaming sites. (6/19/99)

Things I plan to add:

A list of sites who support/have joined the G4GG cause (possibly/eventually with an automated signup script for this).
A page with tips for guys on how to introduce females to gaming.

Got something to say about this, an idea for G4GG, or questions? Post a comment!