April 9th, 1999

3DGN Gangsters Demo Review
I have this fascination with Gangsters. Not the modern day street-trash gangsta-rap sterotype stuff, but the old classy 30s sort of pin-striped double-breasted suit sterotype stuff. Tommy guns and casinos and speakeasies. Carnage and brotherhood and payola. New 3DGN writer Thomas Soles has done a demo review of Gangsters that’s quite a fun read. The review makes me worry a little bit about Thomas though, so that means he’ll fit right in at 3DGN. My editor Rick tossed this release blurb my way:

I say, if you try and don’t succeed . . . kill every man in the room and proclaim yourself the victor, Dammit! This is the way of the Gangster. Now read 3DGN’s demo review or Andrew ‘Slim Guts’ Murphy will fit ya’ mama with heavy shoes!

25k Today
Judging from the LiveCounter this morning, yggdrasil.net should hit 25 thousand uniques on the news page today. Yay. Yippee! Anyone who wants to claim being the 25 thousandth visitor (not actually accurate, because that counter only counts sessions on the news page) that e-mails me will get a mention in my news. Screenshots help, but they’re easy to fake . . . so, I’ll post the most creative faked screenshot for the 25 thousand mark. Of course, I just won’t post any if nobody send any in or if they all suck.

FiringSquad FPS vs. RTS Face Off
Thresh and Kenn over at Thresh’s FiringSquad have posted a new Face Off, this time it’s FPS vs. RTS. For those of you confused with all the acronyms FPS is First Person Shooter – ala Quake – (in this context . . . it can ALSO be Frames Per Second. To really confuse things, FPS are frequently mentioned about FPS games.), and RTS is Real Time Strategy – ala StarCraft. The article is basically a good comparison about what’s good and competitive about both games. The conclusion they post is “diplomatic” (read that as “cop-out” if you wish), but I tend to side with Kenn’s point of view throughout the article. Now, if only Ilya would get the hint . . .