What’s old is new again.

Welcome again, to yggdrasil.net.  This is still -very- rough, and is very much in progress.  The CMS, e107, is gone.  It was horribly overblown and far too complicated for what I really needed.  Using WordPress now, I might actually post here again.

I’ve only just barely begun to customize the theme here.  I’d like, in time, to get back to something at least vaguely resembling the yggdrasil.net of old.

None of the content, posts, comments, or anything like that of the last two revisions of the site are lost.  They’re all saved away on my hard drive, and I’ll soon make external backups of them as well.  I made some very basic attempts to import the e107 posts into WordPress, but it wasn’t working very well, so I just decided it wasn’t that important.  I don’t think there was much of merit that I had to say on any of those posts anyway.