Bizarre Dreams

I’ve had a couple of just downright weird, bizarre dreams lately.  I don’t even know what to try to make of what these things should mean, or what my psyche is trying to tell me, or whatever.  

First off, it’s a little notable that I’m even remembering some of these.  I’ve tended to go in cycles over my life, where I’d go a year or two of being able to remember dreams, and then a couple years of not being able to remember them at all, not even remember that I was dreaming.  Some of the stuff I’ve read about sleep cycles, dreaming, etc., suggests that maybe I’m just remembering some because I’ve happened to wake up out of dream sleep, be it due to alarm or whatever, and actively thinking about it lets me hold on to them.  I don’t know – I think it’s just sheer weird factor that makes them “stick.”

So, first bizzare dream for this entry – a couple nights ago, I dreamt that I was watching a Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins game.  Oddly, it was being played at the Greenwood High School football field.  The stands on the south side of the field, which should be the Home team side, was the Redskins side of the stands for some reason.  I was sitting on the inside upper right portion of the stands (imagine it being split in 3 sections, center with the press box at the top, left and right), something about I couldn’t get seats for the Cowboy side or something.  The quarterback threw (away, I presume) a pass that was going to be incomplete, and it sailed right up over the crowd in the stands, and with me up at the top, I reached up and plucked the ball right out of the air.  This caused a considerable stir, I could hear the announcers (like, full on broadcast TV coverage) talking about it, exclaiming that for the first time in NFL history a pass was caught by a fan in the stands, and I’m holding this ball for a couple of seconds, thinking, “Oh crap, some of those big guys might want this,” and I turned around and peered down and behind the stands, and I saw a cluster of people – coaches, staff, etc., – walking towards the field sort of under/through the stands, and I threw the ball down to Joe Gibbs.  One of the announcers was laughing about it and talking about how, “wow, now he gave the ball to Joe Gibbs!” 

I remember seeing the replays on the jumbotron style monitor, and being annoyed that the camera angle was crappy, a mostly-overhead sort of isometric view, with me really small and not very identifiable.  While I could understand this, as they were surprised to see such a thing and wouldn’t have prepared for more of a zoom, I wished I was easier to see as being me.  I was (somehow) telling people on IRC that it was me that just caught the ball (met with skepticism, and “yeah, sure, whatever” sort of responses), and I twittered that it was me that just set that NFL first on TV just now, and that I needed to write on my blog about this later.

Then I started to get kinda worried and freaked out that there might be retribution from the Redskins fans (even though the announcer had said, “it’s still going to be ruled an incomplete pass”).  I snuck down and out of the Washington side of the field over to the Cowboys side, and was let up on their right side of the stands, which were very sparsely seated, with the front two rows being Jerry Jones and some of his staff and entourage and so forth, and maybe a dozen other people on all the rows above them in that section, including my Mom (who’s been dead for a year).  I sat up next to her, and continued watching the game.  Then a bit later, I went down there and talked to Jerry Jones, and he shook my hand, and said he got a laugh out of what I did, and thanked me for it.  Then went back to watching the game with intense concentration.  After a bit, I went back to him again, and was like, “Uh, Mr. Jones, I really don’t want to bother you more, but I was wondering, could I maybe get some tickets?”  He gave me 2 sets of tickets, one to a Cowboys Championship game (which, uh, doesn’t exist, but in the dream, at the time, it Made Sense), and another to a Dallas/San Diego game . . . in San Diego.  Which didn’t really make a whole lot of sense, but, what ever.  I showed my mom, and said, “Yeah, I’ve got to get there to San Diego myself, but still, these are awesome tickets!”  I was talking about trying to take my friend Ivy, but then voiced the thought, “Unless you want to go?” to my mom, and she was so excited and Of Course she wanted to go.

So, last night’s really bizarre dream . . . I was coming in late (oops, forgot it was supposed to be such and such time) for a Rocky Horror Picture Show performance.  I got up backstage in time to get in costume and go out and perform the final maybe fifth of the play or so . . . as Dr. Frank-N-Furter.  I just almost missed my cue to get out, and my first couple of lines were ragged, but then I started remembering everything and performed quite well.  Which, I guess my subconscious, dream-me knows (or remembers) all of Rocky better than the conscious me does.  I’ve seen it enough and audience-participated enough that I should know the whole thing, but I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable without a couple of weeks of prep and script memorization to get up and try to perform any role in it right now.  Aside from not being comfortable enough with my body yet (working on it, still losing weight on the low-carb diet) to dress in such a costume and get up on stage in it.  But I remember talking later in the dream and saying I was worried, that it’d been probably two years since I’d even watched Rocky, much less DID anything with it, but that once I got out there it started to come back to me.  

Oh, and yeah, this was all in the freaking Greenwood High School auditorium/theater.  With Mrs. Guess out there in the audience as director.  Yet another dream taking something funky and placing it in something to do with Greenwood.  That aspect really has me wondering a bit.