Low-carb Lunch: Grilled Steak, Portabellini Mushroom, and Jarlsberg

Went home for lunch today, and cooked.  That’s a . and not a ! because it’s not remarkable in and of itself, I pretty much had to, I don’t have anything left here in the office fridge except some cheese and bacon and a couple of cups of sugar-free Jello.  Still, it was nice, it felt good, and it was scrumptious.

Grilled (electric George Foreman style) Petite Sirloin steak from Albertsons, a nice Portabellini mushroom, and topped it off with thin slices of Jarlsberg (swiss) cheese.  Had a good hearty lunch, and have plenty of steak left over for stuff the next day or two. My cat, of course, approved of the steak.  I think it needs better spicing, but my spice selection is still tiny, it’ll come in time.

I really need a decent Wok.