Of Course, Nothing Can Be Simple

So, I go to my local HEB to get my prescription filled, and figure I’ll grab a few things while I wait.  I make sure they have my number this time, so I don’t spend 30-40 minutes in the store before finding out that something’s amuck with the script.  In about 10 minutes, they call me, informing me that it requires pre-authorization from the Insurance Company.  So, I call the insurance company, in the store.  While I’m talking to them (irritating lengthy system of voice menus it took me a while to bypass and get to a human), the store pharmacy calls me AGAIN to tell me the same thing.  :/

Anyway, to cut a lot of cruft out of this recounting, I’ve got to call Dr. Doctor in the morning and get her to call the insurance company to request pre-authorization.  *mutter*


1 thought on “Of Course, Nothing Can Be Simple

  1. Due to my line of work, I believe you are referring to a Prior Authorization not a Pre-authorization. Although it may seem frutstrating, this is standard operating procedure for many medications these days…you are just lucky enough to have a pharmacy that actually tried to keep you in the loop!

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