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Update of the Day: Totally blew my diet today at lunch.  Had to – my dad IM’d me asking if I had plans for lunch yet.  Invited me to go meet him at Kuo’s for lunch.  Heck, can’t say no to that.

Was late to work this morning.  Really aggravating, because not only have I been trying to rather make a point of not letting that happen again, I even went to bed early last night.  I was falling asleep at like 10:30, and slept pretty solidy throughout the night.  Dunno what happened this morning, I have very vague memories of an alarm, and then next thing I know, a meowing cat at 5 minutes before I’m supposed to be at work.  Not good.

Got a movie date tomorrow night for Star Trek.  🙂

Link of the Day: Peter Dinklage to play Tyrion Lannister!  Oh, also, they found some guy to direct.

Spam of the Day: “Drop your pants with “I know I’m the best” look.”

Funny of the Day: Ask an Asian

Pics of the Day: Some awesome photos by Mark Seliger

Quote of the Day: “Those of us who refuse to risk and grow get swallowed up by life.”  – Patty Hansen


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