Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: Plans: changed.  Date with K, tonight, not tomorrow.  Will probably abbreviate said date, to my dismay.  Still very much looking forward to it.

Finally heard something after a month of NOTHING from Goddess yesterday afternoon.  Not entirely happy, but very relieved to finally get some communication at all.

Drama from M last night.  Passive-aggressive hypocritical game crap.  Hope it’s done with.

Got a new toy last night, courtesy of Ivy and Kodi.  Haven’t figured out how to make iTunes cooperate with me entirely, but already enjoying it.

Link of the Day: Fish eats a DUCK!

Spam of the Day: “Wanted: ugly timeshares”

Funny of the Day: Why is it glowing?

Pic of the Day: Very funny.  Wait until you see what’s in your shoes tomorrow morning.

Quote of the Day: “that’s why i use a straw and blow bubbles in it first. or there is always wine bonging” – mtdewd (in response to a nutshell explanation of wine decanting)