Stuff of the Day

Update: Not lots of anything interesting to post about for yesterday.  Worked.  Ate food. Sockeye Salmon for lunch, which was actually a bit better than some of the other salmon I’ve had before.  Thankfully went home at a normal time, not having to work late.  Aside from laundry achievement, I was pretty well lazy.  Sat/laid in bed, watching tv and chatting with folks on my laptop.  I’m planning on something very similar tonight.

Link of the Day: The Pirate Bay sold, goes legit?

Spam of the Day: “And when he came to observe his feet”

Funny of the Day: I’ve been known to have this effect.

Pic of the Day: “Mouser?  That’s for AMATEURS.”

Quote of the Day: “lol, i actually had sauce running down my chin a sec ago, my bangcock roll exploded when i tried to take a bite” – Kara