April 4th, 1999

E-mail Notification Feature of the Forum
Folks, if you choose to enable the option for e-mail notification for responses to your posts in the forum, please enter a valid e-mail address. If you don’t, the option doesn’t do YOU a bit of good, as you’re NOT getting informed of responses, and it’s irritating me as I get messages from my mail server complaining about undeliverables.

Response to the Response . . .
Ok, a new Raving, which is really a response to DrLazardo’s response to my previous Mini-Raving, is up now in the Ravings of a Zealot page. There are also a lot of messages in the forum on this, and those of you so inclined may wish to read those messages and/ord their responses.

For those of you who don’t seem to “get it” or don’t visit my site regularly, my Ravings are intended to be fun. I have fun writing them, and people often have fun reading them. As the term “Ravings” implies, they’re not necessarily rational or serious, though they do sometimes deal with real issues. All in all, a lot of people have gone just as overboard as they seem to think I did with my Mini-Raving in taking that Mini-Raving way too seriously.

Oh, So THAT’S Why . . .
Ahh, as I started reading the messages in the forum, I discovered what caused the huge influx of posts. DrLazardo of SC.org posted a response to my Raving, and it’s apparently made site news at a lot of the other SC fansites. I’m writing a response to his response (I will try to keep this from turning into a never ending chain of counters, however) and it will be up here in the Ravings of a Zealot page once I complete it.

Uhm, Wow: Forum Activity
All I can say is “Uhm, Wow.” There has been just a huge amount of forum activity (for yggdrasil.net’s forum) overnight. The most messages in the shortest amount of time I’ve seen yet. Coolness. I’d love to see this type of activity kept up as a constant, but I suspect I’ll have to piss people off again to see it happen.