April 5th, 1999

Extreme Hardware Metabyte PGC Interview
Extreme Hardware posted a new interview with Kerry Philpott from Metabyte about their PGC technology (the so called “TNT SLI”). The interview talks about the current stage of the technology, when the first PGC board might hit the market, the kinds of performance increases you can expect, and pricing speculation. There’s also a lot of links to more information on the technology, including white papers and benchmarks. The interview consists of a lot of questions that Mr. Philpott was unable to answer, but I learned a few new things. If you’re interested in the PGC technology, go check out the interview to read up on it.

Sharky’s Extreme Memory Guide
Sharkey’s Extreme has a new Memory Guide up. It’s a good read, and is an excellent guide for someone who doesn’t know that much about the technical details of computers or memory. Personally, I was hoping for a more technical details, but it’s a great guide to familiarize yourself with RAM – I’m almost tempted to call it a good “newbie guide” for memory.

Minor Update to About Page
I’ve made a minor update to the About page on the site. I finally copied in my response/reason to where my gaming name (ZealotOnAStick) came from. I was interviewed and asked that like 4 months ago, I’ve just been a slacker and haven’t bothered to include that on the page until now. Go read it if you’re curious.

Cali Girl Poll, Interview
Cali Girl News has a new poll up on “Which games do you feel really don’t matter what type of ping or pc you have to know if you are a better player?” Currently, Command and Conquer (blech), StarCraft, and EverQuest seem to be the most popular options. Go give Cali Girl’s site a visit and vote on the poll. Speaking of Cali Girl, I found out something I didn’t know, that Tarsonis did an interview with Cali Girl last year. You can check out the Tarsonis Cali Girl Interview for some insight into the girl who provides not only an excellent gaming site, but also works on a ton of other web sites.

The Secret Truth About The Easter Bunny
One of the things I’d planned to post yesterday, and simply forgot about while I was working my way through the forum, is a very peculiar and amusing web site for the Easter Bunny Hunters of America. This site reveals the secret truths behind the Easter Bunnies, tips on telling Easter Bunnies apart from a regular lepus, reccomendations on hunting them, a game, and even a bit on seal-clubbing. Check it out if you’re curious, or if you simply share the morbid sense of humor I tend to have.

Final Thoughts on the April Fools Fiasco
Yesterday was fun and slightly frustrating for me. I simply had no clue that my mini-raving on the SC.org April Fools prank would generate the response it did. I spent, literally, hours yesterday reading and responding to things. In fact, that’s about ALL I did with the site yesterday, though I had some stuff intended (some of which I’ll post today anyway, some of which I may drop altogether) for Easter.

All in all, I’m glad for one thing about all this: opinions were exchanged and shared. As with all opinions, they differ amongst different individuals and are very personal things. While there was perhaps an excess of flaming (I came VERY close to deleting a couple of the posts in the forum, which would have been a first for this site, but I left everything intact), the yggdrasil.net Forum got a lot of activity, and things generally came down to this: Some people agree with and support my “take” on the situation, and some people disagree with it. This is precisely what I expected (the volume of activity was merely a bit unexpected, but not at all unwelcome) and is precisely the reason why I ask for people to share their opinions on the forum at the end of my recent Ravings.

I received this e-mail this morning (it was, from the timestamp, sent last night):

Well, I’ve just finished reading your response and I hope that we can now bring this issue to a close. I would like to apologize on behalf of SC.org for the trouble we may have caused Blizzard, however there was no malicious intent and the repercussions were more than unexpected. That is all done and gone now anyway, and I hope we can move on, with no hard feelings. As you said everyone one has a right to their opinion, and I think now that we have both cooled down a bit, we can see that we are on practically the same page. So, with that said, I hope we can close the book on this and move on without any harsh feelings toward each other. 🙂

– DrLazardo

Fine by me, and no hard feelings here. I want to move on and find some other thing to spout off about and have my forum again flooded with posts with varying opinions. As a final thought on this entire “fiasco” I find that one of the entries from my “Though of the Moment” file to be appropriate: “The facts expressed here belong to everybody, the opinions to me. The distinction is yours to draw…”