April 13th, 1999

Tax Return
I finally did my tax return last night. It looks like I’ll be getting a $379 refund. Doh! I’m kicking myself for not doing it earlier. It’s really unlike me to wait so long to do my taxes, I usually have them done and mailed by early March. Ahh well. I’m thinking I’ll get my refund check around the time the TNT2 Ultras are available . . .

Update on the Fewlio/Frustrated Web War Bit
First off, I’m posting this for news/information purposes, NOT to try to stir things up again. Frustrated has posted a bit on her site entitled “My side of the story” which explains her take on the things she said about fewlio and why she said them. She’s also displaying a list of sites on her news page that have e-mailed her to show support. It’s 14 sites strong as I write this, and I do have to confess that I’ve not heard of most of them, though ERG-MAD.COM and Roosh.net are amongst them. Heh, Frustrated called yggdrasil.net “a pretty big player.” I’m flattered, though I don’t think that’s necessarily true. In what I suspect is a response to that, Shlonglor posted a bit on his site saying “If you have a big site, go over to http://www.frustrated.org/ and support her cause against the wretched and vile fewlio!” Now, in a medium lacking a lot of visual and auditory clues, sarcasm is sometimes hard to detect and it’s all how things read to you – to me, that reads as a pretty sarcastic comment. Shlonglor posted an item today, though, saying that just because he links to or plugs a site, he doesn’t necessarily agree or disagree with the content or opinions there (duh!).

On the opposite side of things, fewlio has posted a Victory page to espouse his side of things, and to gloat. Now throughout most of this, I’ve been quietly supporting Frustrated. That victory page fewlio posted though reaches a new low in taste in my opinion, though, and while I’m sure it’s giving him many giggles, it reads as nothing but self-glorifying spin to me. One thing I particularly take issue with is fewlio’s claims that Frustrated is a proponent of internet censorship and an opponent of free speech. Well, (this is my opinion, just in case there’s any confusion) fewlio is dead wrong and totally misses the point. Censorship is not controlling what is said on your own damn web site, particularly when it’s essentially your own private opinion page. fewlio is tossing out buzzwords of “internet censorship” and “free speech” to draw attention and spur reactions, when those things speak of much greater issues, and it’s a disservice to confuse those issues with his little spat with Frustrated.

Second Article on Memory
Sharky Extreme has the second article in their Memory Guide online. I was pleased to discover that the Memory Guide I posted about before was only the first part, and this second guide deals with Memory Performance. This second guide goes into more detail on the history of memory and does a pretty good job of explaining where the various bottlenecks in performance lie (and why).