April 14th, 1999

Geiss: Coolest Screensaver/WinAmp Vis Plugin
A friend of mine (thanks Matt) told me about this tremendously cool WinAmp vis plugin he’d discovered this morning. So, I went and finally upgraded to WinAmp 2.10 (I’ve had 2.09 for a while and just hadn’t bothered with the latest upgrade yet) and was pleased to find out that the new WinAmp will play my Audio CDs now, though I’m a little confused with just what the hell I’m supposed to do with that minibrowser. Anyway, I checked out this plugin he mentioned, called Geiss. It’s available as both a screensaver and as a WinAmp visualization plugin, and both of them respond to music and sounds. Geiss is simply the coolest, most awesome plugin I’ve ever seen. The visual effects are stunning, it’s enthralling to watch it, and you simply have to see it in action to comprehend its coolness. Geiss is also a very small program, both the plugin and the screensaver are under 120k downloads each. WOW. Try it.

Game Gurus Back in Action
Sudden reminded me of something that I’ve simply been forgetting to post the last few days . . . The Game Gurus Network is back up and running, with their main page as well as their various sections and content back online. Game Gurus did lose a lot of staff during their long downtime, however, and they’re looking for some replacements. If you think you might be fit for staffing one of the Game Gurus sections, go check them out.