April 20th, 1999

High Bandwidth Internet For Gamers
I saw mention of an article today (I forget where I saw it listed and can’t hop on right now to check) on high speed Internet access for gamers. It’s on CNET’s GameCenter and it’s entitled Frag that Lag! Broadband Access: The Gamer’s Edge”, and it discusses (briefly) the various forms of high speed access available, including Cable Modems, ADSL, and Satellite. The article is not terribly in depth, but it does present a good overview of the positives and negatives of each option, and specifically discusses their suitability for online gaming.

Today’s items may be the last updates to the site for a few days, until I get moved down to Austin and get the computer setup and tied into Dakota’s cable modem there. I’m going to be in an absolute frenzy the next couple of days, packing and moving stuff and temporarily relocating stuff . . . draining the waterbed . . . deciding what will go with me to Austin and what will stay in Midland for a couple of months. My Dad is being, I feel, somewhat unreasonable and is requiring me to get EVERYTHING out of the house, even though I’m only going to be able to head to Austin initially with very little, until I get my own apartment there. That’s making for a lot of extra work on my part getting temporary storage arrangements handled and stuff moved around in less than 2 days. Ugh.

I find myself amused with the way things are playing out. The job hunting efforts have been really tough and discouraging, but I’ve stuck through things. Now that things have swung into a positive arc, I get additional e-mails this morning with 2 other job offers. I still believe that the first opportunity is the best one, and I’m sticking with it 100%. This may seem vague or dodgy to a lot of you, and yeah, it is. I don’t want to spoil or jinx things so I’m being vague about it until everything is 100% done and set and I’m working.