April 22nd, 1999

In Austin Now
I made much better time to Austin than I thought I would. I arrived almost an hour earlier than I expected to, and that’s almost amazing, because I left like 20 minutes later than I planned to, and made an extra stop than I planned to. One very messy bug decided to end its life dead center in my field of view on my windshield, so I had to stop and clean that off, of course.

I had some other things I wanted to comment on, but I forgot them because I am so tired right now. Carrying my 25″ TV up the stairs to Dakota’s apartment was “fun” and I’m not used to the humidity yet, so I’m going to just stop here and figure out what to post later. I don’t even know if this stuff will go up tonight, as we’re still working on gettting things set up so I can get access to the cable modem.