Finally, Tolerable Theme/Colors Again After WordPress 2.7 Upgrade

I upgraded the site’s blogging software, WordPress, to 2.7 last week. It broke some stuff I’d previously configured along the way, and I hated the colors. I tried some other themes, and just didn’t like much else. I’d gone through a lot of trouble to end up picking the K2 theme in the first place, and so I kept coming back to trying to get K2 to work again. Something with the WordPress Theme Generator theme I made (which didn’t quite work as I was trying to get it to work anyway) screwed things up, and made it so that every time I tried to change to another theme, it wouldn’t, and it’d stay with the Theme Generator theme.

Eventually, I just went for the blunt approach and deleted the bloody theme. Oh, THEN everything starting working properly. Now after some tweaking with the css a little (hastily, this thing’s master css is complicated) it’s got tolerable colors. Not the final ones, by any means, but it’s good enough to actually use now for a bit. As I texted to a friend today, I might actually start posting again now – rather than messing with the theme.