Restaurant Review: Murray’s Deli

So, after finally getting my car back (more on that later), today was the first day in a week I’ve been able to enjoy simple things like, “driving myself to work in my own car.”  Another benefit was being able to go somewhere for lunch without having to beg a ride from a co-worker.  

Sure, I could have gone with a quick, cheap ($2-3) microwave meal, and just picked up something from Albertson’s or Wal-mart.  But being able to go someplace after a week of not, I wanted to go eat somewhere.  Ahh, but where?  That’s the vexing question.  I mulled things over for probably an hour and a half, and still didn’t know exactly where I was going when Ifinally left for lunch about 1:30 this afternoon.  

“I’m going . . . somewhere,” I said to James and Corey as I headed for the stairs.

Where I ended up, was someplace I’d been considering about, and more or less opted for simply because I’d given it a little more consideration than anywhere else:  Murray’s Deli.  James had done a mini-review of Murray’s a couple of weeks back on his blog , and he mentioned he liked getting burgers there.  So . . . what the hell.

It was a good choice.  I had a Murray’s Best Burger, with lettuce, bacon, and swiss cheese, curly fries (oy, greasy, but pretty good) and . . . a pint of Shiner Bockon draft.  Yes, that’s right – Murray’s has Shiner on draft.  I was sold right there when I saw that.  I will be returning many times to their establishment.