Stuff of the Day: Scrapey Face Edition

Brief Update of the Day: No weekend posts, once again.  It was an interesting, eventful, mostly wonderful weekend.  Got to spend more time with Goddess.  Went out to a club Friday night, Club Tequila.  Interesting, slightly intimidating, empowering.  Maybe 3 white guys in the entire place (including me); pretty sure I was the only white guy on the dance floor at any time all night long.  Officially became slightly less “square” Saturday night.  Nothing remarkable (in and of itself, other aspects of that night were awesome), but it’s something I’d try again.  Finally hit level 77 in WoW last night, and have flight again in Northrend.  Should make the rest of my climb to 80 quicker – certainly at least less annoying.  I wrote poetry for the first time in over 8 years this weekend.  Not sure if I want to share it with the world or not.

Link of the Day: Zoomarama 3D Graphical Representation of Net Traffic

Spam of the Day: “Obama caught in lurid scandal”

Pic of the Day: Scraped my face this weekend.  It looks way worse than it is.

Quote of the Day: “Not everyone wants a machine that’s been washed with unicorn tears.” – MS Marketing Honcho David Webster