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Brief Update of the Day: Not a lot to say.  I’m hoping for a good weekend.  I have less interesting backup plans if what I’m hoping for doesn’t come about. Sort of sad, gamer who needs to get 4 more levels in WoW and start gearing up for raiding, backup plans, but still, something.  I was hoping to have that as my backup backup plans, but it seems the relatively few friends I have here in Midland don’t have anything group-social interesting happening this weekend.  Anyone else who wishes is free to get hold of me for something more fun.  If I weren’t committed to this whole losing weight and getting into better shape thing, there’s a 17 beer beer-tasting event at the CAF museum this weekend that I bet could be fun.  

Link of the Day: Mythbuster Adam Savage answers science questions

Spam of the Day: “Say goodbye to old fashioned steel knives”

Pic of the Day: I don’t know what to say, but when I saw this, I knew it had to be Pic of the Day

Quote of the Day: “This sounds like a cross between elevator music, and some skinemax soft-core porn.” – Me (referring to the beginning of ‘Goes my Mind’ by Levert)


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  1. I’m just not sure about that tat. I mean, who wants a fat elephant staring at them 🙂

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