Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: Today has just been rough.  Brushing my teeth this morning, I managed to dribble toothpaste all over my polo shirt.  It didn’t want to come out very easily, so I had to end up changing shirts, and so squeaked into work right at 8, rather than a couple of minutes earlier.  Coming in, James informed me that he couldn’t connect to the SQL server on the dev (virtual) server.  Weird, frustrating, peculiar things were happening with the virtual NIC wanting to get all kinds of IP addresses other than the one it’s assigned by static DHCP by MAC address.  Even configuring the IP information manually didn’t work.  Ended up going through a whole host of things trying to fix it, including rolling back to a VM snapshot . . . from 8 days ago.  When it finally started working properly again – and I still don’t know why the heck it’s working as it should be, nor why it was misbehaving in the first place – we faced some more absolutely fun issues with the SVN being older than the revisions on the local machines, because it basically got rolled back in time a week.  I haven’t had this much of a headache from work since I was dealing with the cursed X41s from hell.

Link of the Day: “The shock waves kill the squirrels and collapse their tunnels – but in a humane way”

Spam of the Day: “Wear pajamas to work. And, never have to leave the house!”

Funny of the Day: Speaking of . . .

Pic of the Day: /b/ Explains the Bible

Quote of the Day: “That sounds like some kind of Indian porno.” – James Cross, about one of the Oriental Dancefloor tracks that was playing at the time.