Stuff of the Day

Update: On time for work this morning.  Like, Just, but still, improvement over yesterday.  Not lots to say there.  Alarms worked perfectly, I just didn’t want to move very easily this morning.

Feeling very tumbled up inside right now.  Very powerful emotions, and conflict within myself for feeling like this.  Very complex situation. Probably shouldn’t say anything about it.  So, I won’t.

Afternoon now.  I wrote the last bit above this morning.  I was really tired, and was being a mopey bitch.  Feeling better, more like myself now.

Link of the Day: The 100 Most Iconic Videos on the Internet

Spam of the Day: “History of models’ suicide”

Funny of the Day: Pez.  Heh.

Pic of the Day: How do you get a leash on that thing?

Quote of the Day: “This is like, the most cheerful emo song ever.” – Me, regarding Katy Perry’s “Self Inflicted”