Stuff of the Day

Update: After my day at work yesterday, where I sort of screwed up because I was so tired, after I left, I had two things in mind: Quick trip to HEB, and sleeps.  I went to HEB – the plan was to pick up Atkins bars, a 12 pack of soda, and the smallest, cheapest bottle of nail polish remover I could find.  I left HEB with Atkins bars, a 12 pack of Diet Cherry Dr Pepper, and a container of Breyer’s Carb Smart ice cream Vanilla Frozen Dairy Product.  No nail polish remover.  When did I realize I forgot the nail polish remover?  When I was outside, in the parking lot, in the pounding heat, leaving.  I looked back at the store, briefly considered going back in . . . and decided, “screw that.”

I went home, ate a pork loin chop and an Atkins bar, watched Attack of the Show, and crashed.  Zonked out hard.  I slept most of the evening, and most of the night, waking up a couple of times briefly.  Had some very, very weird dreams.  All I remember from any of them is being at a job interview or something, and the last thing I was asked being, “What’s the recipe for the perfect tomato soup?”  Well, not entirely true.  I remember vaguely about who my waking dream this morning when I finally got up was about – and that it must have been a nicely naughty dream.

I badly needed the sleep.  I’d been running on a sleep deficit all week, since the July 4th holiday weekend.  It was a very good weekend that I enjoyed tremendously.  I just didn’t get anywhere near adequate sleep during it.  Today is the first day of all week where I haven’t been tired all day at work.

Link of the Day: Potential for Life may be hardwired into the universe.

Spam of the Day: “Point me mistakes, please”

Funny of the Day: Me, I’m wondering what Christ Cakes would look like.

Pic of the Day: Neil Gaiman Apocalypse Balloon Mosaic (zoom in, and keep zooming)

Quote of the Day: “(630): According to my dad, my tongue ring makes people assume I give a lot of blow jobs because, as stated by him “that’s what it’s for” – another from TFLN