Stuff of the Day

Update: After my day at work yesterday, where I sort of screwed up because I was so tired, after I left, I had two things in mind: Quick trip to HEB, and sleeps.  I went to HEB – the plan was to pick up Atkins bars, a 12 pack of soda, and the smallest, cheapest bottle of nail polish remover I could find.  I left HEB with Atkins bars, a 12 pack of Diet Cherry Dr Pepper, and a container of Breyer’s Carb Smart ice cream Vanilla Frozen Dairy Product.  No nail polish remover.  When did I realize I forgot the nail polish remover?  When I was outside, in the parking lot, in the pounding heat, leaving.  I looked back at the store, briefly considered going back in . . . and decided, “screw that.”

I went home, ate a pork loin chop and an Atkins bar, watched Attack of the Show, and crashed.  Zonked out hard.  I slept most of the evening, and most of the night, waking up a couple of times briefly.  Had some very, very weird dreams.  All I remember from any of them is being at a job interview or something, and the last thing I was asked being, “What’s the recipe for the perfect tomato soup?”  Well, not entirely true.  I remember vaguely about who my waking dream this morning when I finally got up was about – and that it must have been a nicely naughty dream.

I badly needed the sleep.  I’d been running on a sleep deficit all week, since the July 4th holiday weekend.  It was a very good weekend that I enjoyed tremendously.  I just didn’t get anywhere near adequate sleep during it.  Today is the first day of all week where I haven’t been tired all day at work.

Link of the Day: Potential for Life may be hardwired into the universe.

Spam of the Day: “Point me mistakes, please”

Funny of the Day: Me, I’m wondering what Christ Cakes would look like.

Pic of the Day: Neil Gaiman Apocalypse Balloon Mosaic (zoom in, and keep zooming)

Quote of the Day: “(630): According to my dad, my tongue ring makes people assume I give a lot of blow jobs because, as stated by him “that’s what it’s for” – another from TFLN


Stuff of the . . . Week?

Update: Yeah, so . . . I’ve been “bad.”  Long weekend, with Monday off, and I didn’t bother to do anything on the computer all that time.  Well . . . that’s not true.  I -did- play a rather lot of Plants vs. Zombies.  If you haven’t played it yet, check it out.  There’s a free demo for it, with 1 hour of play.  Trust me, it’s enough to get you hooked.

So, then, the work week.  Been pretty busy most of this week, and the other days where I wasn’t, I was chatting online with someone.  Not the best of news there, but I’m remaining confident.  So, some of my not updating any day this week except Friday, today, was part slacking and part being really busy with work stuff.  I want for stuff on the new product version to hurry the heck up, so we can shoehorn it out the door and then I can get the raise I’ve been assured will happen.  I can survive on what I’m being paid right now, but if I want to do interesting things, go places, have fun other than sitting at home watching tv/movies and playing too much WoW (I’ve done enough of that the last 5 years, thanks), I need more money.

So, I could probably make one heck of a mega post just devoted to catching things up from the last several days.  Screw that, here are the links:

Link of the Day: Google Wave

Spam of the Day: “cuttlefish”

Funny of the Day: Yes, and then cookies.

Pic of the Day: LeVar Burton is fucking awesome! (via @wilw)

Quote of the Day: “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” – Frederick Douglass


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: Played some WoW last night, for about 2 hours.  About all I could take of it.  Was so utterly bored that I went to HEB to pick up soda (Zero style) and Atkins bars and deli meats and provolone.  This was considered an entertaining diversion.  Happily, when I got back, K was online, and between chatting with her, and reading a new web comic I was introduced to recently, Dr McNinja, time passed considerably more quickly.

I’m in kind of a ‘blah” mood today.  So, screw categories.  Screw any more of an update.  On with the linkage.

Link of the Day: Cool/Unusual Cakes

Spam of the Day: “Get Your Jammies on!”

Funny of the Day: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Pic of the Day: That wasn’t in the brochure!

Quote of the Day: “To touch is to experience, but to feel is to live.” – Loren Klein


Random and Various Updates: Windy Dusty Edition

So, yeah, life and stuff.  Things have been going ‘OK’ for me.  Not great.  But, overall, not crappy.  This post may be a little disjointed, I’m pretty much more or less randomly spewing thought onto the keyboard.

Work is going well.  I like this job. It’s kept me really pretty busy the last couple of weeks solid.  I’ve not really had that much time to take for myself (also known as: goofing off), and when I have had some time for that, I’ve mostly spent it trying to amuse, inform, or educate myself online (Reddit is my friend here.  I barely even LOOK at Digg anymore).  Thus, I’ve not dedicated much time lately to trying to sit down and write anything.  Hell, I wanted to just sit down and fire off a quick post this morning to vent and feel better about almost getting killed (as well as having my time wasted) this morning on the way to work.  Then I did something silly and tried to “upgrade” WordPress, and it trashed things, and wasted half an hour of my time, and about 2o minutes of James’ time, fixing it.  Hell, I should really honestly know better, backups before upgrades are, ya know, a good idea for a reason.

I’m making an actual, conscious effort to try to use tags on this post.  That’s probably why there are so many.  I’ve been really bad, sucking, really, about using tags.  It’s a Web 2.0 thing that I’ve just so very rarely found useful; in counterpoint, though, the few places I’ve found them useful they were VERY useful.

I started on a low-carb diet yesterday.  Not quite exactly Atkins, though very heavily influenced by Atkins.  It got hard for a bit last night, but I got past it.  I expect to have a few more days where I’ll have periods of intense carb-craving.  I’m determined to stay strong and will my way through it.  There’s a lot of things I want to do, and pretty much everything in my life I think will be easier if I can get down closer to my ideal weight.  The whole feeling better about my body and self-image thing will certainly be nice (and should give me more confidence, of course), but having less weight on my body to lug around will make things like trying to do pull-ups on the Iron Gym I bought and haven’t gotten anywhere near my $30 worth out of yet.  Less weight to power around trying to walk/run/jog should make it easier for me to do those things too.  I’ve basically just bitten the bullet on the expense thing . . . it’s going to cost more, period, but my health and attitude are worth more to me than maybe another two week delay before I move into my own apartment.

Moving into a place of my own again is certainly something I very much want to do.  Just the feelings of independence, of not having my cat relegated to a small travel trailer, where she only gets attention from me one visit a day, where she can run and play and be happier (of course, needing to pay freaking $450 or so for pet fees/deposit is ludicrous), where I don’t have to drive anywhere near as far everyday, where I could, if I so desired/needed, bring a woman home . . . all good and needed things.  But I’m trying to be smarter about things, listen to my dad, save up extra money, Just In Case, before I jump into a lease and a large chunk of monthly expenses that will leave me with very little discretionary income.  Being able to game again on my own schedule, with regularity, have a constant cable modem connection, etc., all very appealing.  But, my dad and I are getting along ‘OK’ right now, though I still handle a lot of things as if walking on eggshells so as not to piss him off and upset that.  

I’ve really gotten into Twitter lately.  Been trying a couple of different clients for it, TweetDeck and blu, and neither does quite just what I want, but if I they could be combined, with another little feature or two added, they’d rock as the ultimate Windows Twitter client.  Corey suggested I write it myself.  Hah!  That’s not quite what I’m going to tackle as my first project getting back into programming.  I like TweetDeck more, but it crashes all the damn time.  blu is stable, but lacking.  I’ll be adding some kind of WordPress Twitter plugin to the site here when I find one I like well enough.

Well, that’s probably enough time wasted for now.  I need to get back to work, wrestling with Advanced Installer’s inadequate documentation and the limitations of .msi files until I can get them to submit to my will.