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Update: Not as zombie-like today as I’d feared.  Maybe the 5 Hour Energy shot I drank around 8:30 this morning is to credit for that.  Last night didn’t quite go to plan on several fronts.  It was enjoyable overall, though.  Spent time with Kara.  Watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  It was “OK.”

So going to crash -hard- tonight.

Oh.  Ate at Carino’s last night.  I highly recommend their Chicken Parmigiana with their Romano sauce.  Also, Bellini drink = YUM.

Link of the Day: Southern China – Women are in Charge, Men have it Good.

Spam of the Day: “it’s BOGO, but Better”

Funny of the Day: Role Model.

Pic of the Day: I like.

Quote of the Day: “I’m thinking of starting a band called “Opening Band.” The confusion when we are introduced at shows will be worth it.” – Chris Gore


2 thoughts on “Stuff of the Day

  1. Movie was pretty good I thought. Seats were VERY win. random bug appendage on the screen will provide me giggles for many moons I’m sure. My bag still smells like chocolate and tacos though. An amusing and slightly confusing scent combo if someone isn’t in the know, lol. Bellini, win. and I love Carino’s for their awesome little Cheapo-meal of awesomeness special menu. Lots of awesome foodles for less than awesome amounts of moneyness. **dances**

    I def crashed out yesterday though, late night followed by a long work day = Kara snoring on her couch, cuddled up with the orange one. =)

  2. Also, Germanic chocolate of awesome chocolate with corn bran = incredible.

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