Photos From Bourbon Street & NOLA

This last weekend, James and I flew to New Orleans/Metairie for work.  After we got done with everything, we had a couple of hours Saturday night to explore and try to have a little bit of fun.

First, we ate at NOLA, one of Emeril’s restaurants.  It was good.  No photos in there, but I drank Chimay Blue, an excellent Belgian beer, extremely smooth, almost a chocolatey texture (not the taste of chocolate), and 9% alcohol.  James was on an Abita kick (Abita being a local LA brewery).

After NOLA, we wandered around Bourbon Street for a bit.

Here are some pics:


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Abita Andygator beer. Pint bottle. 8% alcohol.


Stuff of the Day

Update: Not as zombie-like today as I’d feared.  Maybe the 5 Hour Energy shot I drank around 8:30 this morning is to credit for that.  Last night didn’t quite go to plan on several fronts.  It was enjoyable overall, though.  Spent time with Kara.  Watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  It was “OK.”

So going to crash -hard- tonight.

Oh.  Ate at Carino’s last night.  I highly recommend their Chicken Parmigiana with their Romano sauce.  Also, Bellini drink = YUM.

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Pic of the Day: I like.

Quote of the Day: “I’m thinking of starting a band called “Opening Band.” The confusion when we are introduced at shows will be worth it.” – Chris Gore


Jello Shocks: Caffeinated Jello Shots

It had been planned for a while now, at least a week and a half or so, if not longer, that the Gamer Club 4th of July party that was to be hosted at Kara and Matt’s apartment this past weekend would have Jello shots.  I’d offered my experience with this particular creation some time ago, and thusly I was going to help party prep with these lovely bits of delayed-effect intoxication bliss.  Then, Friday afternoon, I receive this text from Kara:

“Mountain dew and everclear jello. Figure out how to make it happen.”

Easy.  I’d already read about Everclear jello shots thanks to the lovely and useful My Science Project (check out their informative and entertaining site, with multiple pages documenting their jello shot experiments) – and the Jell-O packages themselves make it clear that you can use soda instead of cold water.  After some texting and chatting, the plan evolved a bit more, to make the jello shots even more potent, not using merely Mountain Dew, but Rockstar energy drinks.  Caffeinated Jello Shots, for a party in which a bunch of geeks/gamers would be getting together on a holiday.  Yes, the potential for chaos was great indeed.  After polling the attendees of the party for ideas for a good name for these caffeinated, strong Jell-O shots, the one that stuck was: Jello Shocks.

After some more communication and plotting planning, ingredients were acquired and assembled – Kara’s cat Oscar indicated he wanted to be helpful – or at least involved.

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Stuff of the Day

Update: So, last night, after working late again, I ran home (in the rain, it started raining here about 20 minutes before we were set to end work, yay), scarfed down some quick food, took one of my meds, brushed teeth and straightened up, and went off to meet Ivy and Peel at The Ice House, for Party on the Patio.  They’d been there a good while, because they weren’t working until 7:00 like I was.  First time I’d been there.  Attractive waitstaff.  I was trying to behave myself, diet-wise, but I may have broken it with the jello shots.  One of them was practically thrust upon me, paid for by a new acquiantance we made there.  The second one was delivered to me, by one of the waitresses, for free.  Ivy was running on the theory that there was some girl drama going on between the employees . . . I don’t know what to make of it.  At the time, my train of thought pretty much consisted of, “free jello shot from cute girl.”

A pair of women came in there after we’d been there a while, a blonde in some shorts and a sort of peach paisely shirt, and a slender brunette in a horizontally black and white striped long clingy one-piece dress.  She had a kind of librarianish look about her, is the best way I can try to characterize it, that appealed to me.  I went up to them, introduced myself, invited them to come join us at The Ranch, which is apparently where we were about to go, and asked her for her phone number or email address.  Shot down.  They were supposedly about to go home, they had to get to bed pretty early to be up early, and Amanda (the one in the striped dress) “wasn’t really dating right now.”  Oh well.  Attempt made.

We proceeded to The Ranch, and oh, hey, those two women were there.  So while Ivy and Peel got us a table, I went up and talked to the two women, joked with them a bit.  I went and joined Ivy and Peel, we played some pool, I went and bought the two ladies a set of drinks of what they were already drinking, gave them to them with a simple, “I wanted to get these for you two,” then walked off, back to the pool table.  After having Peel beat himself at pool a couple of times for me, I talked to the two women again.  The plan was to ask Amanda to come be my partner for doubles pool, since there were just three of us.  Shot down, again.  They were really leaving now and heading home, etc.  Tried for her phone number again, denied again.  Didn’t employ a final-attempt line or two there I wish I’d thought of slightly sooner.  Oh well – she simply doesn’t know what a wonderful time she’s missing out on.

We left The Ranch not very long after, though getting Ivy’s tab settled up took what seemed like a long time.  Peel and Ivy were both pretty sedate the entire night.  Not how I remember things used to be years ago.  Still, I had a decent time last night, even if I didn’t end up with a new female friend out of the evening.  The entire bar/club meeting scene thing is kind of alien to me.

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Quote of the Day: “We have a snake fight going on out here in our parking lot, w00t” – Kara


Stuff of the Day

Update: Dunno what to say really. Worked late yesterday, working late today.  Going out tonight, will have to not drink at all, or drink -very- conservatively.  Seriously don’t want to wreck my diet again.  Dating front continues.  Small progressions, nothing notable yet.  Playing Poor until Friday.

Had a decent weekend.  Saturday was good, even though I had to work a half-day Saturday morning.  Got a good start on getting automatic updating working for our product, though it’s still not fully working with patches.  Haven’t sorted out why, yet, but I will.  Hung out with a friend Saturday late afternoon/evening into the night.  Worked on her very old, way slower than I thought, laptop, trying to get it updated and functional and reasonably reliable.  It informed her of a SMART disk error and impending drive failure the very next day.  :/

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Pic of the Day: I’d date her.

Quote of the Day: “If you like nerdy n’ dirty girls, she’s it, in fact, she’s kinky n’ thinky!” – Chris Gore


Cancelled Stuff

I simply don’t feel up to a Stuff of the Day today.  I had a fun, bad, fun night last night.  My body was still working on metabolizing the alcohol when I slumped into work this morning.  On time, but I was moving only by force of will this morning, and I felt like hell for a while.

Hung out with Ivy and Peel, and surprisingly, Tomas last night.  Left to go meet a date at Barnes and Noble.  She never showed up.  Oooh, was I pissed.  That led to me meeting back up with Peel and Ivy and Tomas, at a different location (Woofers and Tweeters), and some impulsive decisions on my part as regards my alcohol consumption.  Got the email address of this girl I met at Woofers.  Now ran into the problem I predicted yesterday with conflicting single-letter name-associated psuedonyming.  Already have a J.  Am seriously not in any state right now to come up with a good methodology.  Anyone have any suggestions?


Stuff of the Day

Update: *yawn* If I hadn’t remembered to set my clock-radio alarm last night, I’d probably not have gotten moving in time today.  So tired, so sluggish, and I don’t know why.  I got to sleep at a reasonable time last night.  Bed was the most comfortable it’s been in quite a while, I washed the sheets and finally got the Egyptian Cotton mattress pad put on it (that I bought like 2 weeks ago, and washed this last weekend prior to using it), readjusted the foam pads to not be bunched up.

I’ll confess, yesterday’s Stuff of the Day went up early this morning, backdated.  This is because I had it all set up and ready yesterday, but was running into some significant MySQL issues with my server.  Site5 got them straightened out for me, but not in time enough for me to get it up properly yesterday.

A friend of mine since High School, Anthony Peel, moved back to Midland a couple of months ago.  Haven’t seen him since he moved back.  We were supposed to be out doing something fun and possibly getting into trouble last night, and the next couple of days, because his apparently paranoid controlling wife and kids will be out of town for a couple of days.  Plans must have changed, or something, because he informed me late yesterday afternoon that she wasn’t leaving until today, so we weren’t doing anything last night.  Damn.  I’d been looking forward to some fun on Wednesday night.  So, just before the end of work, I end up with my plans for the night gone.

So, ok, crap – let’s text several folks and see if I can do something anyway.  I ended up hanging out with (and meeting for the first time) someone I’ve been messaging back and forth for about a week.  We’ll dub her S for now.  If I don’t end up finding someone to be with for a while, I’m going to have to come up with some different psuedonyming conventions or something, lest I run out of handy letters (or end up with someone with a name starting with the same letter as another).  Spending the time with her was nice, we had some fun, seem to get along well personality wise, but I just didn’t feel a strong physical attraction.  I’m left wondering, since we seem to get along so well together, should I continue this and see how things might be on a second or later date, and see if physicality and affection may be worthwhile there?

All this is just so complicated and frustrating, since I feel a little bit like I’m just looking for something “for now” until I find out whether or not I’ll have any chance with someone I know I’d like to be with.

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Quote of the Day: “It’s alcoholic chocolate milk.  I see no issue.” – Rayne Summers, on Bailey’s