Stuff of the Day

Brief Update of the Day: Sheesh, what’s with the wind last night and today?  All the dust in the air has my allergies in overdrive, and the loose flue in my apartment was clanging all night long.  Freaking the cat out, making it hard for me to get to sleep.  I ended up being like 4 minutes late for work this morning because I had to dig around frantically to see if I had any more Advair left.  I found 1 single disc left, finally.  Sucks that I felt like I NEEDED a blast of that to function.  Had been doing pretty well without it the last couple of weeks.

Link of the Day: Google Reveals Once-secret Server Hardware

Spam of the Day: “6 Complimentary Bottles of Wine & Deluxe Corkscrew Set on us!”

Pic of the Day: “Say ‘Wheat’.  Now say, ‘Wil Wheaton.'”

Quote of the Day: “Anyone who doesn’t understand sex or fishing has done neither.” – Unknown, overheard and tweeted