Stuff of the Day: Whut? OH CRAP! Edition

Update of the Day: So, I was late for work this morning.  Not just a little bit either.  I was woken up at around 8:20 by my cat (I’m supposed to be at work at or before 8:00 a.m.).  I can’t find my phone.  My phone, which I’m perhaps entirely too dependent on.  I have lots of contact information in there that I’ve not bothered to record elsewhere.  Thankfully, I use the automated contact backup app I get “free” with my plan with Verizon, so all that stuff is backed up to Verizon’s servers daily.  Better yet, I can go to the web site and access and manage that contact information there, so I can actually find and use those numbers sans phone.  This is good, because I had to do that this morning to call someone and see if maybe my phone ended up in with their stuff on accident.

More pressing, though, is I use my phone as my alarm.  Alarms.  Now, understand, I’ve got TWO perfectly functional clock-radio alarms.  Still packed, sitting in a box in my living room.  I haven’t really needed them, the phone (generally) suffices.  I customarily keep it close at hand, I’ve got a really irritating ringtone I use as the alarm, and it’s loud enough.  I’ve had a couple of incidents where I shut off the alarms and went Back to sleep, but they’ve been fairly rare.  After Baby woke me up this morning, once I realized what time it actually was, I spent about 5 minutes looking for my phone, with ever-increasing irritation and near-panic, then 10 minutes hurriedly showering and dressing and getting to work.  Almost 40 minutes late.

Terrible start to a work week, after a pretty good weekend.  Played poker with friends Saturday night.  It was fun, but wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped it could be.  I learned that it gets me really drunk really fast if I mix saké with beer, wine, and vodka (not simultaneously, just all consumed througout a couple hours).  Sunday evening, I had about 4 hours of really good quality time spent with a friend.  Wasn’t enough, but it was still very nice.

Link of the Day: – Very nifty site, lots of stuff really cheap (from China!) with FREE SHIPPING.

Spam of the Day: “Paris Hilton pees like men”

Funny of the Day: That’s unpossible!

Pic of the Day: The Digestive System of the Internet

Quote of the Day: “Looking at stuff for my apartment reminds me of Fight Club. ‘Which flatware set defines me?'” – Me, on Twitter this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Stuff of the Day: Whut? OH CRAP! Edition

  1. Something in the air, perhaps… I almost never have headaches, yet I went to bed with one last night and it was still lingering around 4:30 this morning. So I got up, took Tylenols, had steaming-hot shower, and dozed back off on the sofa. Took care of the headache, but threw off my whole morning schedule. Still managed to squeak into work just barely on time, tho.

    Tomorrow will be better!

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