Found my Phone

Found my phone at lunch.  It was wedged between my bed and the wall, turned off.  The last part isn’t too surprising to me.  LG enV2s have a nasty tendency of shutting themselves off, or “pocket dialing.”  Just in my jeans pocket, my phone will turn itself off all the bloody time.  It’s even added a new contact (the number 34, with like 4 or 5 random numbers as the phone number) before.

Supposedly, there’s a firmware update that helps with this, as it offers an option to change the way the phone locks and unlocks.  I can’t get that firmware upgrade here right now, of course (I’ve tried).  This is still Alltel land, I can’t get the firmware Over-The-Air, and there’s not a Verizon store for a Loooong way to take it into to get a manual upgrade done.