Found my Phone

Found my phone at lunch.  It was wedged between my bed and the wall, turned off.  The last part isn’t too surprising to me.  LG enV2s have a nasty tendency of shutting themselves off, or “pocket dialing.”  Just in my jeans pocket, my phone will turn itself off all the bloody time.  It’s even added a new contact (the number 34, with like 4 or 5 random numbers as the phone number) before.

Supposedly, there’s a firmware update that helps with this, as it offers an option to change the way the phone locks and unlocks.  I can’t get that firmware upgrade here right now, of course (I’ve tried).  This is still Alltel land, I can’t get the firmware Over-The-Air, and there’s not a Verizon store for a Loooong way to take it into to get a manual upgrade done.


Stuff of the Day: Whut? OH CRAP! Edition

Update of the Day: So, I was late for work this morning.  Not just a little bit either.  I was woken up at around 8:20 by my cat (I’m supposed to be at work at or before 8:00 a.m.).  I can’t find my phone.  My phone, which I’m perhaps entirely too dependent on.  I have lots of contact information in there that I’ve not bothered to record elsewhere.  Thankfully, I use the automated contact backup app I get “free” with my plan with Verizon, so all that stuff is backed up to Verizon’s servers daily.  Better yet, I can go to the web site and access and manage that contact information there, so I can actually find and use those numbers sans phone.  This is good, because I had to do that this morning to call someone and see if maybe my phone ended up in with their stuff on accident.

More pressing, though, is I use my phone as my alarm.  Alarms.  Now, understand, I’ve got TWO perfectly functional clock-radio alarms.  Still packed, sitting in a box in my living room.  I haven’t really needed them, the phone (generally) suffices.  I customarily keep it close at hand, I’ve got a really irritating ringtone I use as the alarm, and it’s loud enough.  I’ve had a couple of incidents where I shut off the alarms and went Back to sleep, but they’ve been fairly rare.  After Baby woke me up this morning, once I realized what time it actually was, I spent about 5 minutes looking for my phone, with ever-increasing irritation and near-panic, then 10 minutes hurriedly showering and dressing and getting to work.  Almost 40 minutes late.

Terrible start to a work week, after a pretty good weekend.  Played poker with friends Saturday night.  It was fun, but wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped it could be.  I learned that it gets me really drunk really fast if I mix saké with beer, wine, and vodka (not simultaneously, just all consumed througout a couple hours).  Sunday evening, I had about 4 hours of really good quality time spent with a friend.  Wasn’t enough, but it was still very nice.

Link of the Day: – Very nifty site, lots of stuff really cheap (from China!) with FREE SHIPPING.

Spam of the Day: “Paris Hilton pees like men”

Funny of the Day: That’s unpossible!

Pic of the Day: The Digestive System of the Internet

Quote of the Day: “Looking at stuff for my apartment reminds me of Fight Club. ‘Which flatware set defines me?'” – Me, on Twitter this weekend.