Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: So, Friday/Saturday was an eventful evening, Saturday and Sunday, on the other hand, were not so much.  Saturday afternoon/night and Sunday afternoon were spent working on my main/gaming computer.  After a “security blanket” full backup via disc image was done (which took like 5 hours, Acronis True Image LIES on its time estimates!), I just went with the “oh, what the hell” option, blew away the boot drive entirely, and did a fresh new install of Windows 7 RC.  Then reinstalling stuff.  Lots of stuff.  I still don’t have several things back on there yet, but the machine is to the point of “mostly usable” for my requirements now.  Installed WoW, both expansions, patches (ugh, they need a 3.01 to 3.1 step-up patch), and got my Addons mostly back up to par . . . and then just didn’t feel like playing much.  

I like Win7.  Way better than Vista.  A few things that do require adapting to, but overall, it’s the easiest to set up version of Windows ever, and, for the most part, it just sorta works. I was especially happy when I stumbled upon the, ought to be fairly obvious but I just managed to miss it for a long time, option to Pin an app to the TaskBar (more or less making it like the old Quick Launch toolbar) so I could make Chrome stay down there nicely.

Friday night going well into Saturday morning . . . was certainly an eventful time filled with new experiences.  Much of which . . . I probably shouldn’t relate here.  I ended up in the course of the night visiting two clubs/bars I’ve never been to before, Basin Nights (where I was shanghai’d into singing karaoke, for the third time ever.  I mangled RHCP’s Under the Bridge), and Crossroads.  Crossroads . . . I’m not sure if it’s a GBLT full-time, or just on Friday nights, or just that night for some special event, or whatever.  It’s clientele wasn’t exclusively those of alternative sexuality, but whatever the case, honestly it was probably the most fun and interesting bar I’ve been in since I moved back to West Texas.  Met some new and interesting people.  One of which I saw get thrown out of Basin Nights for allegedly doing illegal things, which I suspect was mostly bullshit and was someone being petty and vindictive. But, whatever.  I also had women buying Me drinks that night, which is sort of a refreshing change.

Link of the Day: Elements from Blizzard Games Done in Lego

Spam of the Day: “Don’t look inside” – This seems oddly counterproductive to me.  

Funny of the Day: “My insides!  They’re on fire!”

Pic of the Day: Move along.

Quote of the Day: “At that point in the morning making that kind of decision and doing that kind of math is like asking someone with downs syndrome to perform brain surgery: Difficult, at best.” – Name Withheld by Giggling Request