Stuff of the Day

Update: I had a sort-of date last night with S to see The Hangover.  Ok, seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie – FIX THAT LACK.  Go see it as soon as possible.  It’s easily the funniest movie I’ve seen in a very long time.  Admittedly, there were some Wrong things in it that people who are too uptight and conservative might have issues with.  Fuck ’em, they need to lighten up.  I haven’t laughed that often or that hard in a theater in I don’t know how long.  I’ve tried to think of the last movie I saw that I laughed that much at, and I can’t think of anything more recent than Anger Management when I saw it in the theater – and I don’t think I laughed as much for it.

Broke my diet (again) last night.  Had a 6″ turkey on Italian Herb and Cheese from Subway last night.  Of the available cheap fast options, that seemed the least evil.

Haven’t touched my Warlock in WoW in like 2 weeks.  I’m debating whether or not I want to go back, finish off the last level to 80, and try to gear up to rejoin my guild raiding . . . or just consider it a lost cause and continue with the other pursuits I’ve been distracting myself with.

Link of the Day: Unusual Canned Foods from Around the World

Spam of the Day: “I photoshopped your face”

Funny of the Day: “Spazi” isn’t right, but it should be.

Pic of the Day: Blasphemy can be fun.

Quote of the Day: “(704): You know the commpass Jack Sparrow has? The one that just points at whatever you want? Thas pretty much my moral compass.” – Someone from TFLN


Stuff of the . . . Week?

Update: Yeah, so . . . I’ve been “bad.”  Long weekend, with Monday off, and I didn’t bother to do anything on the computer all that time.  Well . . . that’s not true.  I -did- play a rather lot of Plants vs. Zombies.  If you haven’t played it yet, check it out.  There’s a free demo for it, with 1 hour of play.  Trust me, it’s enough to get you hooked.

So, then, the work week.  Been pretty busy most of this week, and the other days where I wasn’t, I was chatting online with someone.  Not the best of news there, but I’m remaining confident.  So, some of my not updating any day this week except Friday, today, was part slacking and part being really busy with work stuff.  I want for stuff on the new product version to hurry the heck up, so we can shoehorn it out the door and then I can get the raise I’ve been assured will happen.  I can survive on what I’m being paid right now, but if I want to do interesting things, go places, have fun other than sitting at home watching tv/movies and playing too much WoW (I’ve done enough of that the last 5 years, thanks), I need more money.

So, I could probably make one heck of a mega post just devoted to catching things up from the last several days.  Screw that, here are the links:

Link of the Day: Google Wave

Spam of the Day: “cuttlefish”

Funny of the Day: Yes, and then cookies.

Pic of the Day: LeVar Burton is fucking awesome! (via @wilw)

Quote of the Day: “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” – Frederick Douglass


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: So, Friday/Saturday was an eventful evening, Saturday and Sunday, on the other hand, were not so much.  Saturday afternoon/night and Sunday afternoon were spent working on my main/gaming computer.  After a “security blanket” full backup via disc image was done (which took like 5 hours, Acronis True Image LIES on its time estimates!), I just went with the “oh, what the hell” option, blew away the boot drive entirely, and did a fresh new install of Windows 7 RC.  Then reinstalling stuff.  Lots of stuff.  I still don’t have several things back on there yet, but the machine is to the point of “mostly usable” for my requirements now.  Installed WoW, both expansions, patches (ugh, they need a 3.01 to 3.1 step-up patch), and got my Addons mostly back up to par . . . and then just didn’t feel like playing much.  

I like Win7.  Way better than Vista.  A few things that do require adapting to, but overall, it’s the easiest to set up version of Windows ever, and, for the most part, it just sorta works. I was especially happy when I stumbled upon the, ought to be fairly obvious but I just managed to miss it for a long time, option to Pin an app to the TaskBar (more or less making it like the old Quick Launch toolbar) so I could make Chrome stay down there nicely.

Friday night going well into Saturday morning . . . was certainly an eventful time filled with new experiences.  Much of which . . . I probably shouldn’t relate here.  I ended up in the course of the night visiting two clubs/bars I’ve never been to before, Basin Nights (where I was shanghai’d into singing karaoke, for the third time ever.  I mangled RHCP’s Under the Bridge), and Crossroads.  Crossroads . . . I’m not sure if it’s a GBLT full-time, or just on Friday nights, or just that night for some special event, or whatever.  It’s clientele wasn’t exclusively those of alternative sexuality, but whatever the case, honestly it was probably the most fun and interesting bar I’ve been in since I moved back to West Texas.  Met some new and interesting people.  One of which I saw get thrown out of Basin Nights for allegedly doing illegal things, which I suspect was mostly bullshit and was someone being petty and vindictive. But, whatever.  I also had women buying Me drinks that night, which is sort of a refreshing change.

Link of the Day: Elements from Blizzard Games Done in Lego

Spam of the Day: “Don’t look inside” – This seems oddly counterproductive to me.  

Funny of the Day: “My insides!  They’re on fire!”

Pic of the Day: Move along.

Quote of the Day: “At that point in the morning making that kind of decision and doing that kind of math is like asking someone with downs syndrome to perform brain surgery: Difficult, at best.” – Name Withheld by Giggling Request


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: So, it’s been a frustrating weekend by net.  One good, positive thing yesterday, but multiple other disappointments.  Trying not to get too down/discouraged.  Things happen, ya know?  Hey, at least I’ve gotten some progress time in on WoW leveling . . .

Link of the Day: Portugal: Proof that Drug Decriminalization works?

Spam of the Day: “Best prices, best pilules”

Funny of the Day: Tears of Lasers.

Pic Vid of the Day: Shoe Magic with NPH

Quote of the Day: “It sounds like the Cirque du Soleil being chewed up by their own chainsaws.” – Jeremy Clarkson


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: So, my weekend basically went nothing like planned.  I was going to be productive, use the cordless drill I borrowed from James (and bits borrowed from Corey) and get my water filter and new thermostat installed.  Didn’t happen . . . I really need to get that done tonight and return those to them.  Friday night plans didn’t happen as they were supposed to, I couldn’t get in touch with anyone fun to do something, so I went out and saw Fast and Furious.  While certainly not a cinematic masterpiece, it was a fun, enjoyable film.  I don’t really understand why it’s reviewing so badly with the general public.  Some fun stunts, fun driving . . . not as many awesome cars and car mods, but more eye candy than Tokyo Drift had. Go in to this movie expecting a fun film experience without thinking about it too deeply, and I think you’ll be entertained.

Later that night moving into Saturday morning, I ended up chatting (and then later texting) with a woman in Odessa for hours.  I really want to meet this woman, largely to see if she’s all that she’s represented herself as.  Since I was up so late Saturday morning, I slept quite late, and after I finally got up and moving and showered, shaved, dressed, etc., went out to my Dad’s for a visit, because my Aunt Kathy was in town for the weekend.  I helped my dad try to work on updating her computer (she boxed up and brought the entire thing over), and in the process of trying to install Windows XP SP3, things went FUBAR.  I think Norton Internet Security is to blame.  It ended up in this endless reboot cycle where Windows would do the “oh crap, we didn’t start successfully last time, what do you want to do?” and no matter what option we chose (couldn’t even get into Safe Mode more than once) it would fail and restart again.  Joy.  That ate up hours Saturday night, I left my dad’s after midnight, and it’s still not properly functional.

Sunday . . . after a late start, I went out shopping for a few things.  Hit JC Penneys and capitalized on this awesome sale they had going yesterday, and got my bathroom plans -mostly- taken care of.  Picked up 4 bath towels, 2 hand towels (they were out of wash rags in the same color), and a bath rug for $19.  I think I’m going to go back and pick up another rug as well as try to get the same Royal Red wash rags to match.  I also picked up 2 awesome Sealy pillows on the cheap there.  After that, I went to Academy Sports and committed financially to the whole “ok, let’s add regular exercise” concept.  Too much money spent on some workout clothes.  

I finally hit 78 last night in WoW, 2 more (long) levels to get to 80 (which I should have been at, oh, 3 1/2 weeks ago), then I can try to get gimpily geared up as quick as possible to rejoin Warfare in raiding.  I’m a little mixed on that, I hope getting with the guild in raids will re-inspire my love for the game, because just right now working on grinding my Warlock up to 80 I’m just not feeling it like I used to.  I’m not sure if it’s just not being able to raid with my guildmates, or if other . . . interests and diversions . . . are more appealing now.

Link of the Day: The 411 on Free 411

Spam of the Day: “Women are put off by the sight of a dwarf hook”

Funny of the Day: Works for me

Pic Vid of the Day: John Madden: Dungeon Master – “Think fast!”

Quote of the Day
“My best friend gave me the best advice
He said each day’s a gift and not a given right
Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind
And try to take the path less traveled by
That first step you take is the longest stride” – If Today was Your Last Day, by Nickelback


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: So, I’m feeling MUCH better today.  Caffeine, breakfast, lunch, all those things rather tend to help not being cranky, tired, unfocused.  Imagine that.  I ended up going to bed stupid early last night because by about 8, I had a horrid, raging headache, so the thought of trying to do anything productive, or even just zone out and XP in WoW was about as unappealing as a rancid sore on a 3-day old carcass of an armadillo fart.

Last night I grilled steak and portabellini mushrooms (officially started back on the low-carb diet after a week break yesterday, figured with the fasting and all it was as good a time as any).  I had them again for lunch today, with provolone cheese melted over.  I added some celery for green fibery goodness.  I meant to take a picture of it to post here at lunch, but I was hungry and started tearing into it before I remembered to go get my camera.  Woops.

Link of the Day: This brings a new meaning to “sleepwear”

Spam of the Day: “Travel the world doing what you love. Be a Massage Therapits” – Therapits?

Funny of the Day: Now that’s Ownage.

Pic of the Day: Google is hiring, apparently.

Quote of the Day: “What’s gayer than gay?” – James Cross


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: Just kinda sad and lonely last night.  Haven’t seen someone I really want to since Sunday morning, and feeling a little disappointed from that – our parting was a little stressed, and was supposed to see them again that afternoon/evening, but it didn’t happen.  Really want to see her, just talk to her and hold her.  Disliking being like that, makes me feel like I’m all weepy and clingy, which is not how I generally am.  So, the initial missing them, coupled with self-frustration for feeling like that, sort of a double negative whammy, really sort of bites.  It bled over into other things – I had time and opportunity to work on my last 3 levels in WoW, tried for a little bit, but just wasn’t feeling like dealing with it.  I played for like an hour maybe and then just logged off, watched some TV, fell asleep to Mythbusters.  Meh.

Link of the DayThe Perfect Boat for the Infected / Zombie Apocalypse

Spam of the Day: “Supermodel became hauler!”

Funny of the Day: Work of art indeed.

Pic of the Day: MINE!

Quote of the Day: “Gardening Coaches?  Didn’t those used to be called . . . OVERSEERS?” – Me.


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: Got Windows 7 (Build 7068) running on my gaming rig at home last night, and basically functional.  Testing out the “maybe this will run better with a fresh OS install, as well as being able to address all 4GB of RAM” concept.  Didn’t unfortunately have time to give it some serious evaluation – which means actually playing and working on leveling in WoW, with combat, looting, etc.  If I still get the occasional random hitching, then it means either that one of (or a combination of) the addons I use is the culprit, or that I simply need to get some hardware upgrades done.  Finally met a friend I’ve been communicating with via Twitter and other social network sites and a little on the phone last night.  She’s attractive, intelligent, funny, a bit geeky.  Someone I could definitely either just have as a friend, or date.  Not a clue what she thinks of me in return.

Was starting to get concerned about someone else, I just found out she lost her phone.  Got the bottle of Penfold’s Bin 28 Shiraz (I think ours is a different year though) from James (my direct boss, and our CIO) yesterday.  I was pretty sure I have a corkscrew . . . but if I do, I was unable to find it last night.  There’s a chance there’s still one hiding in a box somewhere, but I think I’m probably just going to have to buy another.  Seriously, this’ll be at least 3, if not more, corkscrews I’ve bought in the last 2 years.  That doesn’t count the one I ran off at New Year’s Eve ’07 to help Ganit acquire.

Link of the Day: Wall-E Computer case – one of the most intensive custom case jobs I’ve ever seen. Note: LOTS of images, long load time.

Spam of the Day: “Bring her to the seventh sky”

Funny of the Day: Woman’s Ideal Strip Club

Pic of the Day: Just Awesome.

Quote of the Day: “If the delete key were meant for something else, it would be labeled ‘Delete/back/whatever the hell some jackass decided.'” – David Chartier


Stuff of the Day

It’s been a very good weekend.  Got almost nothing accomplished as far as cleaning/organizing the apartment, or any of the leveling I’d sort of planned on in WoW.  That’s perfectly ok.  I spent a lot of time with Goddess this weekend.  Good, good times.

Edit: I started this Monday but was so busy with work, I didn’t get a chance to finish it.  Then it slipped even further to Wednesday.

Link of the Day: Zen Habits – I like this site so much, it’s not only today’s LotD, but it’s joined my “blogroll” links list on the left column.  Good stuff.

Spam of the Day: “Queen guitarist May named university chancellor”

Pic of the Day: Madonna Before and After Photoshop

Quote of the Day: “Satisfy your lover . . . WITH STAGGERING PENIS SIZE!” – Name Withheld by Request