Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: Played some WoW last night, for about 2 hours.  About all I could take of it.  Was so utterly bored that I went to HEB to pick up soda (Zero style) and Atkins bars and deli meats and provolone.  This was considered an entertaining diversion.  Happily, when I got back, K was online, and between chatting with her, and reading a new web comic I was introduced to recently, Dr McNinja, time passed considerably more quickly.

I’m in kind of a ‘blah” mood today.  So, screw categories.  Screw any more of an update.  On with the linkage.

Link of the Day: Cool/Unusual Cakes

Spam of the Day: “Get Your Jammies on!”

Funny of the Day: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Pic of the Day: That wasn’t in the brochure!

Quote of the Day: “To touch is to experience, but to feel is to live.” – Loren Klein