Stuff of the Day

Update: *yawn* If I hadn’t remembered to set my clock-radio alarm last night, I’d probably not have gotten moving in time today.  So tired, so sluggish, and I don’t know why.  I got to sleep at a reasonable time last night.  Bed was the most comfortable it’s been in quite a while, I washed the sheets and finally got the Egyptian Cotton mattress pad put on it (that I bought like 2 weeks ago, and washed this last weekend prior to using it), readjusted the foam pads to not be bunched up.

I’ll confess, yesterday’s Stuff of the Day went up early this morning, backdated.  This is because I had it all set up and ready yesterday, but was running into some significant MySQL issues with my server.  Site5 got them straightened out for me, but not in time enough for me to get it up properly yesterday.

A friend of mine since High School, Anthony Peel, moved back to Midland a couple of months ago.  Haven’t seen him since he moved back.  We were supposed to be out doing something fun and possibly getting into trouble last night, and the next couple of days, because his apparently paranoid controlling wife and kids will be out of town for a couple of days.  Plans must have changed, or something, because he informed me late yesterday afternoon that she wasn’t leaving until today, so we weren’t doing anything last night.  Damn.  I’d been looking forward to some fun on Wednesday night.  So, just before the end of work, I end up with my plans for the night gone.

So, ok, crap – let’s text several folks and see if I can do something anyway.  I ended up hanging out with (and meeting for the first time) someone I’ve been messaging back and forth for about a week.  We’ll dub her S for now.  If I don’t end up finding someone to be with for a while, I’m going to have to come up with some different psuedonyming conventions or something, lest I run out of handy letters (or end up with someone with a name starting with the same letter as another).  Spending the time with her was nice, we had some fun, seem to get along well personality wise, but I just didn’t feel a strong physical attraction.  I’m left wondering, since we seem to get along so well together, should I continue this and see how things might be on a second or later date, and see if physicality and affection may be worthwhile there?

All this is just so complicated and frustrating, since I feel a little bit like I’m just looking for something “for now” until I find out whether or not I’ll have any chance with someone I know I’d like to be with.

Link of the DayHow To Write Unmaintainable Code

Spam of the Day: “Yo yo! Check this out dude”

Funny of the Day: “It was vintage!”

Pic of the Day: “Even Denise Crosby had to tap that”

Quote of the Day: “It’s alcoholic chocolate milk.  I see no issue.” – Rayne Summers, on Bailey’s