Cancelled Stuff

I simply don’t feel up to a Stuff of the Day today.  I had a fun, bad, fun night last night.  My body was still working on metabolizing the alcohol when I slumped into work this morning.  On time, but I was moving only by force of will this morning, and I felt like hell for a while.

Hung out with Ivy and Peel, and surprisingly, Tomas last night.  Left to go meet a date at Barnes and Noble.  She never showed up.  Oooh, was I pissed.  That led to me meeting back up with Peel and Ivy and Tomas, at a different location (Woofers and Tweeters), and some impulsive decisions on my part as regards my alcohol consumption.  Got the email address of this girl I met at Woofers.  Now ran into the problem I predicted yesterday with conflicting single-letter name-associated psuedonyming.  Already have a J.  Am seriously not in any state right now to come up with a good methodology.  Anyone have any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Cancelled Stuff

  1. Unless you are really worried say the name. It is your life, do your dates read your blogs?? Some people just like to know you are alright and others like your links. We are proud you are out there dating and getting a nose full of smoke and stood up like the rest of the world.
    It makes us realize you are no different than anybody else

  2. Some of my dates know my web site address, and I generally tend to presume that most people I deal with are intelligent enough that they might just check to see what the base site that goes along with the domain in my rather unusual e-mail address might be.

    Additionally, there have been a case or two where discretion was a requirement, so I’d prefer to err on the side of caution.

  3. I Do understand discretion.
    Especially under certain circumstances.
    Then maybe another suggestion would be to use first and last initials?
    If that isn’t an option try using a hair color or type and initial.
    right now mine could be ShortM or blondeM or something of that manner.
    Just a suggestion is all 🙂

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