Stuff of the Day

Update: So, really scraping by super-tight right now, monetarily.  The 10th just can’t come quick enough for me.  I’m having to delay getting medication prescriptions refilled, and eating until then while trying to stick to my diet will be extra-challenging.  I thought I was going to be ok, but I realized yesterday that I had failed to account for the check to the dermatologist last week – which cleared this morning.  Meh.  Talked to a friend to see if I could borrow a little bit of money until the 10th, but he’s not able to help right now (which wasn’t surprising to me, he’s going on a vacation next week – to Vegas, which I really wish I could manage to join them on).

Tried to be mostly lazy last night.  Semi-succeeded, Mummy Wrap Chick came over, we hung out, watched Vexille, fooled around.  Mixed feelings there.

Chatted online with a good friend until probably slightly too late – I’m tired and cranky this morning.  But it was worth it, very enjoyable chat.

Link of the Day: Fancy Fast Food – via @kpereira

Spam of the Day: “Kelly Clarkson brutally raped”

Funny of the Day: Well, it IS a valid point.

Pic of the Day: Just Plane Awesome.

Quote of the Day: “just fyi, Sneezing while on the phone with TXU’s bill pay system Will get you put into the spanish speaking menu.” – Kara


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: Finally got my meds yesterday, then rushed off to an event to support a friend. Was really not very productive last night at all.  Frittered away time on the net and with TV.  Just one of those nights, ya know?

Started on the new drug this morning.  Hormone supplement therapy.  Oh, what the hell.  AndroGel – testosterone gel.  My labs with Dr. Doctor came back showing me as having low testosterone.  Go ahead, feel free to make the “less of a man” jokes.  She decided to test me for it because I’d expressed some concerns over a lack of sexual stamina that is uncharacteristic for me.  Low testosterone is linked to a lot of other symptoms that I’ve had, that I never would have connected to it, but now that I’m aware of them, it makes total sense.  Fatigue/lack of energy, depression, even some of the difficulties I’ve been having in this diet working as well as I believe it should may all be tied to this.  While the mental concept of this treatment is a little disconcerting to me, the thought that it might just make me feel better overall is appealing.

Link of the Day: Japanese single-serving food packaging

Spam of the Day: “10 secrets to make her want to give head”

Funny of the Day:  Hey Kids, the Moral is . . .

Pic of the Day: Gotta get me one of those. (What she’s wearing is optional)

Quote of the Day: “Dare to be yourself.” – Andre Gide


Stuff of the Day

Brief Update of the Day: Sheesh, what’s with the wind last night and today?  All the dust in the air has my allergies in overdrive, and the loose flue in my apartment was clanging all night long.  Freaking the cat out, making it hard for me to get to sleep.  I ended up being like 4 minutes late for work this morning because I had to dig around frantically to see if I had any more Advair left.  I found 1 single disc left, finally.  Sucks that I felt like I NEEDED a blast of that to function.  Had been doing pretty well without it the last couple of weeks.

Link of the Day: Google Reveals Once-secret Server Hardware

Spam of the Day: “6 Complimentary Bottles of Wine & Deluxe Corkscrew Set on us!”

Pic of the Day: “Say ‘Wheat’.  Now say, ‘Wil Wheaton.'”

Quote of the Day: “Anyone who doesn’t understand sex or fishing has done neither.” – Unknown, overheard and tweeted


Weekend Update

I didn’t realize I didn’t get anything posted Friday.  I’d intended to at least do SotD . . . but work is getting just really busy recently, with preparations needing to be done for the new version of our software there.  I might have to refresh my knowledge on Windows Server admin stuff, and basically give myself a crash course on being an all-around-admin again.

This weekend so far has been fantastic.  Nothing I should really post any details about here.

I really need a new Pointless Poll.  I just don’t have any ideas for a topic for it right now.