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Update of the Day: I was up entirely too late last night.  Got up more or less on alarm-time this morning, made it to work on time (about a minute early), so that’s all fine.  But fuck am I tired.  Reason?  Impromptu date last night.  Cute redhead I’ve been chatting with for a couple of months – the one I was supposed to see for Les Mis before.  We saw Obsessed.  Good movie.  Wish I was afflicted with choices like, “Ali Larter or Beyonce?”  Decent first date . . . didn’t get carnal, but enjoyed it.

Link of the Day: Epic Hygiene! (Thank you Wil Wheaton)

Spam of the Day: “Instead of sliding down Repunzel’s hair let her slide down your dong” – On a side note . . . if it seems like a LOT of my spam of the day links are all sexual/ED related . . . don’t blame me, some of the most inventive/creative spam seems to all be on this general subject.  Encourage spammers for other crap to be more creative!

Funny of the Day: “Sharking”

Pic of the Day: Are GPP (Genuine People Personalities) Far Behind?

Quote of the Day: “While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, another is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.”  – Henry C. Link


Stuff of the Day

Brief Update of the Day: Sheesh, what’s with the wind last night and today?  All the dust in the air has my allergies in overdrive, and the loose flue in my apartment was clanging all night long.  Freaking the cat out, making it hard for me to get to sleep.  I ended up being like 4 minutes late for work this morning because I had to dig around frantically to see if I had any more Advair left.  I found 1 single disc left, finally.  Sucks that I felt like I NEEDED a blast of that to function.  Had been doing pretty well without it the last couple of weeks.

Link of the Day: Google Reveals Once-secret Server Hardware

Spam of the Day: “6 Complimentary Bottles of Wine & Deluxe Corkscrew Set on us!”

Pic of the Day: “Say ‘Wheat’.  Now say, ‘Wil Wheaton.'”

Quote of the Day: “Anyone who doesn’t understand sex or fishing has done neither.” – Unknown, overheard and tweeted


Update on the Wil Wheaton “How we Roll” Dice Shirt

From Wil’s blog:

Happytimes! Reader Steven says:

Come back tonight at midnight and use this link:

It’ll be $15 instead of $10… and it will be that way until it falls below the top 20 of the 27 currently printed shirts.

So, if you want some of the Dicey Goodness, you can still get it – just not for the awesome $10 price.


Awesome T-shirt, Awesome Price, and Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton designed a cool shirt featuring various gaming dice in the model of an atom, and it’s up on was up for sale on shirt.woot! I was going to advertise the shirt here (like my site has any influence power at all, hah!) and encourage people to buy it . . . but it sold out.  By 9:01 a.m. Central.  Glad I bought mine late last night/early a.m. this morning.

So, I’ve met Wil Wheaton twice. The first time was at a Creation Star Trek convention in Midland, Texas, where he was a guest the guest and signed autographs.  The con pretty much sucked a bit, a little because it was when Creation was first starting to take over and monopolize Star Trek cons, and mostly because it was in Midland.

The second time was at True Dungeon in GenCon SoCal the first year I was involved with True Dungeon.  Wil ran through the dungeon with a group of his friends, and he was one of the best and most amusing Bards I saw that con.  Less than halfway through the dungeon, Wil started having a really bad urge to pee.  This resulted in some of the more amusing improv Bard Songs I’ve heard in all the time I’ve been involved with True Dungeon.  I don’t remember the exact details, but one room with a giant spider he was singing something like “kill kill, kill the stupid spider” and worked in something about how he had to pee.

I was coming off shift just as Wil’s group started their dungeon run, and radio chatter started to the effect of, “OMG WIL WHEATON IS IN THE DUNGEON!”  I was tired, and had honestly gotten a teensy bit jaded by seeing some of the Gaming Scene Bigwigs come through True Dungeon (we’d had Michael Stackpole run through the dungeon, a bunch of WOTC folks, including Ed Greenwood, the Hickmans, etc.) – I was like, “oh, that’s cool.  I hope he enjoys it.”  The radio chatter went on, with DMs and Blue Hands talking about how awesome a Bard he was.  So, I wearily trudged back to spy on his group from behind the black curtains.  One of our female DMs started begging to switch with a DM for the Spider Room (she ran it on the opposite shift).  After it was ok’d, she then stated, flat out, “I’m going to kill Wesley!”

She did, of course.  She was unfair, and had the giant spider repeatedly attack Wil’s Bard character.  He was kind of justificably irritated by her picking on him like that – but he handled it with more grace than I would have then.  I think he was more relieved to be able to get to a bathroom than mad.

I hope to see Wil at True Dungeon again.  He was a lot of fun, he seemed to enjoy it, and we’ve made a lot of improvements with the experience.