Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: So, I certainly learned one thing . . . when I leave for the day and shut down my browser and WordPress grumps at me about leaving the page – do a manual “Save Draft” before I allow it to close, otherwise work WILL be lost.  I got some good news on one of the two fronts I was looking for it on last night.  The next couple of weeks won’t be as lean wallet-wise as I was fearing they might be.  Met with my dad, talked about work stuff, ate fried chicken, totally blew my diet.  I’m giving some serious thought (since it’ll take me 2 days or so to get back into ketosis) to either just enjoying the weekend and indulging, or switching to Weight Watchers for a couple of months to give that a try.  Not sure how I want to go there.  Would really like to talk to a specific someone about that, but that’s the other front, haven’t heard anything in two days.  🙁 

Link of the Day: The 50 Best Selling Console Games of this Decade (So Far)

Spam of the Day: “Satanist housewife cooked cats!” 

Funny of the DayWe’re going to have to confiscate that.

Pic of the DayI like the attitude.

Quote of the Day: “I guess she’s a gay dude.” – Name withheld by request.


The Kind of Low-carb Encouragement That WORKS

So, I took a late lunch, to run to our local HEB store, to look for a few things, in general, and specifically stuff I couldn’t find at Albertsons yesterday. Found the Queso Blanco (frying cheese), found the Carb-smart Breyer’s Ice Cream, and when I stopped to look at the sweeteners section out of curiosity, found a down-right hottie.

 Albertsons had one kind of Stevia-based sweetener. HEB had about 6, plus some other stuff other than the huge Splenda display and some Nutrasweet and Sweet’n’Low and your standard Sugars. I was looking at a couple to compare them, and this woman walked up and started looking at a couple of the different varieties of Stevia-based sweeteners.  She was, at a guess, 5’5″ish, brunette, late 20s to early 30s, very nicely sized and shaped (not too damn thin, but certainly what I would call “slender”), with probably 34D or so breasts.  Believe it or not, I didn’t look at them too much.  Oh yes, very pale blue, sort of icy, eyes.  

After half a minute or so, I asked her if she’d tried any of these before.  She hadn’t, we talked for a while about the different kinds, she asked me if I’d tried them, mentioned a couple kinds she’d used that she got from the “Health Food Store,” talked about how in (cold/cool) tea one of the ones she used sort of stayed clumpy and didn’t dissolve very well, etc.

I took heart in seeing this hottie there, talking naturally with her, and seeing her, in the shape she was in, going for the same sort of diet plan.  That’s the kind of thing that grabs one’s attention, and encourages you (well, me at least) to stay with this, to stay strong, and think that given a couple of months, you’ll be in the shape that looks like it belongs with such a sexy woman.

I regret being distracted and not taking note of whether or not she had a ring on, and of not being smart/brave enough to say something like, “hey, why don’t you call me sometime and let me know how whichever one you decide to try is?”  Also, probably would have been a smart thing to ask which “Health Food Store” she was tired of running to, “all the time.”  Hard to try to facilitate another run-in with this hottie if I don’t have any other idea of where to try to find her, other than “randomly in the weekday afternoons at HEB.”