April 24th, 1999

Two VERY Wrong Things
I’ve learned of two things today that are just WRONG. Even if id has good, logical, smart reasons . . . it’s just WRONG for Q3Test to be out for the Mac, and not for linux or Windows. *sniff* The second wrong thing is something I saw at sCary’s Shugashack. It’s perversely wrong, and for that, it’s kind of cool . . . ttyquake. If any of the linux devotees that read this site (all uhm, 7 or so of you) try this, please let me know what it’s like, and I’d love to see some screenshots other than the two they have on the ttyquake page.

Mailbag/Response Sort of Dealy: Anime
This in from Dissident (in italics) with my response I e-mailed to him following:

Can you PLEASE fill me in on whats so great about anime? Cause personally, I cant stand it. Its just a cheap version of american animation, and it looks soo bad! The characters look de-formed with their massive eyes/mouths and small noses. Not to mention the cheap sound effects that they probably took from some old NES game.

Like anything, there is good anime, and there is bad anime. There are bad american cartoons as well as good cartoons, good movies and bad movies. From your comments, it sounds like you haven’t been exposed to any of the GOOD Anime. There are several different Anime styles and techniques, including “super-deformed” which admittedly makes things look VERY silly. Another one of the problems with Anime is that a lot of what is widely available, and almost all that is broadcast in the U.S., is dubbed (the original Japanese dialogue is removed and English dialogue is recorded in its place). Dubbing often has two nasty effects of 1) Making the characters sound like hick idiots and 2) Altering the dialogue. In MY opinion, Subbed (subtitled) Anime is the better choice between sub and dub, as the meaning is generally closer to the actual Japanese dialogue than dubs are (and the characters don’t tend to sound like ignorant hicks).

To check out some of what makes me love Anime, try to find and watch something like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Oh! My Goddess, Record of Lodoss Wars, El Hazard, Battle Angel Alita, Ghost in the Shell, Princess Mononoke, or possibly even Vampire Hunter D or Devil Hunter Yohko. If you’re judging Anime from things like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Pokemon or the ilk . . . those are crap. Another series/title you might want to look for is Space Battleship Yamato – which was broadcast in America as Star Blazers. At least one or two of the above titles ought to be available at a major video rental store, such as a Blockbuster Video or Hollywood Video, though they’re likely to be dubbed (and in all fairness, some people DO prefer dub . . . I’m not one of those). Larger cities and even mid-sized college towns often have Anime film/fan clubs that sometimes have screenings of different Anime, and often Anime video libraries that members can check out items from or rent, so that might be an option.

I sense that I’m straying from your original question somewhat . . . I’ve always loved cartoons, since I was a kid, and even now as an adult. Anime is a higher art form of cartoons to me, with more interesting and detailed stories and plot lines, and in most cases vastly more detailed animation. Your typical Anime has a really amazing level of attention to detail and background stuff, when they’re not invoking the laws of Anime physics for battle sequences. Oh, and the sound effects . . . it’s more like the old NES games blatantly “borrowed” ideas and sound effects from Anime, rather than Anime ripping off NES games. This is particularly true when you consider that a great deal of NES, SNES, and PSX games are from Japanese makers.


April 23rd, 1999

New Pointless Poll Topic
The Web Wars poll has been up long enough, and thanks to the eternal flaming nature of the internet, has sort of been made topical again like every 2 days since everyone seems to be slamming somebody. For the record, I think the entire “Web Wars” bit is a bad thing, though it can be pretty bloody fun to vent on random targets at times. The final results for the last topic (Site/Web Wars: Good idea or bad idea?) can be viewed at the Previous Poll Results page.

The new poll is something I thought up Wednesday night and it just seemed like a fun topic: Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood: Which has the sexier lingerie? As always, vote for the option you feel most strongly about, or amuses you the most. If you have a suggestion for another option, bug me about it and I may add it.

Losers by Jon Bence (Not Bence Jon)
Ahah, I found these comments. It seems Jon Bence has a special little page dedicated to detailing who he thinks are losers. Both I and Frustrated are currently the sole members of this page. Oh, I’m so hurt. Frus has earned a spot on the left hand of my page under the menu bar now, by the way. In response to his reasons of why I’m a loser, I’m going to make some equally cheap cracks. I apologize for this tripe, but I’m really in the mood to vent, and things will return to normal soon (anyone who wants to clue him in to these, feel free).

  • If you don’t appreciate Anime, I pity you. What have I posted that equates to “obsessed?”
  • In love with the internet? No . . . addicted a bit perhaps, but I’m not alone. Do you always express your frustration about your total lack of success with girls by making absolutely unfounded cheap cracks about your own sexual fantasies? I’ve had 4 lovers in 6 years, which may not be a lot, but I’ve been faithful to every one of them, and two of those relationships lasted years. I’m confident in my sexuality, and I KNOW I can make women scream in pleasure. Have you held hands with that girl yet?
  • My Internet Alias: Open your fucking eyes and look around. My name is on the bottom of the page, in the little disclaimer bit. Oh, and it’s also prominently visible on my resume.
  • My SiN box: I collect geeky gaming stuff, it’s a hobby. I’ve got autographed box art for StarCraft, I collect beta CDs . . . I could say it’s stupid and pathetic to collect autographs or baseball cards or maybe images of Jennifer Love-Hewitt. If you don’t like my hobby, go back to yours and stop bitching.
  • Guess what, I’m writing what I think about YOUR useless loser page now.
  • I’m so happy that someone hates me or my site. It tells me I’m doing something right to evoke some sort of response.
  • Is that your picture at the top of the page?


Various Opinionated Responses
Seems like tons of newsworthy things happen when I’m in the middle of killing myself and don’t have net access . . . The entire deal with the shootings in Denver, for one. Of course, it’s pretty predictable, and pretty stupid in my opinion, that someone had to come out and say “Oh, this is caused by violent video games.” Not being one to mince words: bullshit. Yeah, sure, so one of the guys made some sort of a Doom mission. Big freaking deal. Another one of the big things going on about all of this is the opinion that it’s caused more by bad parenting (or a lack of adequate parenting, that being bad). This is more likely a thing, in my opinion . . . but someone can have great parents, a great upbringing, and still end up bad, or doing bad things. On a tangent, since this entire thing has become such a huge media thing, and massive coverage, analysis, and so forth has gone into it . . . is anyone other than me disappointed that the two trenchcoat twits shot themselves, rather than putting up a fight or going down in a blaze of gunfire or something dramatic? (Oh, I just KNOW I’m going to get flames for that one).

Next, I saw a post at ERG-MA . . . err, The Dark Side of Nuintari (Dammit Marius, I liked the old name. The new colors are good, very icy-blue, though somewhat reminiscent of Smoke’s theme for his D2 pages. The new name doesn’t fit on one line in the little area under my link bar, though. *mutter*) about this one page where the guy picks on Frustrated, and also puts a price tag (It’s supposed to be a parody of the Visa Commercials) on the Denver killing spree. So, natually, I go to check this page out . . . ooh . . . I’m really in the mood to vent on this, so I’m going to suspend disbelief of reality handily for a bit and unleash ZealotOnAStick’s evil twin, who likes to be called MrStick (read this as: entering opinionated jerk mode).

Ok, first off, the page title is pretty stupid. “It’s not the Bence Jon page, it’s the Jon Bence page.” Does this twit think there’s really going to be some confusion? Read back on one of the old news pages he has, where he talks about Frustrated . . . he says “Frustrated is frustrated cause she can’t have Bence” but at the top of that particular page, he’s extolling the awesomeness about his actually talking to a girl on the phone. OMIGOD! Wow, that’s so earth-shattering. He’s 18, and he’s hoping to actually HOLD HANDS with a girl. Now, I felt sort of insecure and behind the curve when I lost my virginity at 18 (I’m 24 for those of you who’re counting), and this guy has the idiotic AUDACITY to say something so lame as Frus is peeved because she can’t HAVE him? Frus is a single mother, so she’s definitely done quite a bit more than this Jon Bence character has. I’d wager that if Frus “wanted” Jon Bence, she could probably have him at the drop of a hat. If he got the hint, and if he even had a clue what to do with a woman.

On his current news page, someone also e-mails him and he made a comment somewhere about me expressing my views on this page. I don’t know where this happened or where it was posted (if someone can point it out to me, I’d like to see the original comment out of curiosity), but I have two responses to this: 1) Go read my little notice/disclaimer at the bottom of the page, then stuff yourself. 2) I’ve been really trying to avoid any sort of a web-wars or flame exchange sort of thing, particularly after seeing how the Pointless Poll has turned out, but if you’re going to trash pages, try to have a position that you can even dream of being defensible to do so from. Oh, and if it’s not blatently apparent, this guy seems to have totally ripped off the color scheme Shlonglor uses.

Cable Modem, Baby!
We finally gave up trying to mess with all the hassle of trying to set up an old decrepit Pentium 60 machine to run Linux as a router/gateway, and just called RoadRunner and got a second IP setup and I’m in business. Wow, YES! This is so awesome, it just rocks. The bandwidth and throroughput is just staggering (compared to my trudging along on 28.8/v.90 dialup) and thing happen so fast. I can play Quake 2 in the internet and it’s not just hideous. I’M AN LPB NOW! YES! Oh, wait, that means I have to actually redevelop some “skillz.” Damn, there’s always a catch.

Something that’s really cool, too, is that because of the LAN setup here, anytime Dakota serves a game, I can connect to him over the LAN rather than going through the cable modem . . . we played some Q2 earlier, and I had a ping that bounced between about 20 and 30 . . . SWEET.


April 22nd, 1999

In Austin Now
I made much better time to Austin than I thought I would. I arrived almost an hour earlier than I expected to, and that’s almost amazing, because I left like 20 minutes later than I planned to, and made an extra stop than I planned to. One very messy bug decided to end its life dead center in my field of view on my windshield, so I had to stop and clean that off, of course.

I had some other things I wanted to comment on, but I forgot them because I am so tired right now. Carrying my 25″ TV up the stairs to Dakota’s apartment was “fun” and I’m not used to the humidity yet, so I’m going to just stop here and figure out what to post later. I don’t even know if this stuff will go up tonight, as we’re still working on gettting things set up so I can get access to the cable modem.


April 21st, 1999

I am so exhausted and already pretty sore. I bet tomorrow I’m in pain. I’ve been kind of out of shape the last several months, and I’ve gotten probably more exercise in the last 28 hours than I have in the last 28 days. I really need to just suck it up and start exercising, and get back down to where I want to be, and so I can fit in my Pepe jeans again. Maybe I can find a Taebo class to join in Austin. Anyway, here’s some random musings and thoughts I’ve had today while packing and moving stuff:

  • I must have like 200 t-shirts.
  • That’s way too many.
  • I had at least 11 distinct colors of plastic hangers. I think I want all green ones now.
  • It’s a good thing that Midland isn’t prone to earthquakes.
  • Have I mentioned how much I’m looking forward to the “scenery” in Austin?
  • Large TVs should be designed so that they travel easier.
  • I found all sorts of cool old papers of stuff.
  • Why doesn’t Stomped.com have a followup to their post on the 16th, telling about how 3DGN stomped them in Q2?
  • It’s exactly 5 months until my birthday.

April 20th, 1999

High Bandwidth Internet For Gamers
I saw mention of an article today (I forget where I saw it listed and can’t hop on right now to check) on high speed Internet access for gamers. It’s on CNET’s GameCenter and it’s entitled Frag that Lag! Broadband Access: The Gamer’s Edge”, and it discusses (briefly) the various forms of high speed access available, including Cable Modems, ADSL, and Satellite. The article is not terribly in depth, but it does present a good overview of the positives and negatives of each option, and specifically discusses their suitability for online gaming.

Today’s items may be the last updates to the site for a few days, until I get moved down to Austin and get the computer setup and tied into Dakota’s cable modem there. I’m going to be in an absolute frenzy the next couple of days, packing and moving stuff and temporarily relocating stuff . . . draining the waterbed . . . deciding what will go with me to Austin and what will stay in Midland for a couple of months. My Dad is being, I feel, somewhat unreasonable and is requiring me to get EVERYTHING out of the house, even though I’m only going to be able to head to Austin initially with very little, until I get my own apartment there. That’s making for a lot of extra work on my part getting temporary storage arrangements handled and stuff moved around in less than 2 days. Ugh.

I find myself amused with the way things are playing out. The job hunting efforts have been really tough and discouraging, but I’ve stuck through things. Now that things have swung into a positive arc, I get additional e-mails this morning with 2 other job offers. I still believe that the first opportunity is the best one, and I’m sticking with it 100%. This may seem vague or dodgy to a lot of you, and yeah, it is. I don’t want to spoil or jinx things so I’m being vague about it until everything is 100% done and set and I’m working.


April 18th, 1999

Back in Town
Well, I’m back now (about 10 p.m., got back a little over an hour ago) from Austin. The drive back was gloriously tedious and boring for the second half of it (which tends to be the longer part of any of these drives, at least for me). Driving TO Austin isn’t nearly as bad, because the closer to Austin you get, the more fun the roads get, and the better the view. It’s so nice and green and hilly there, with all the glorious trees, and the Bluebonnets in full bloom . . . Contrast that with the drive back to Midland, where after about San Angelo, it gets more and more flat and desolate. Blech. Just another reason to hate Midland.

The interview Friday was a bit of a mixed bag I think. I didn’t do as well on it as I have on other interviews I’ve had in the past. Part of it I think stemmed from the fact that I had some trouble understanding some of what one of the men who interviewed me was saying because of his accent, and that kind of threw me off with my responses. I’m still positive about the situation though, and I’ll be making a phone call tomorrow to hopefully find out the results of all my efforts and expense. These drives to Austin for interviews are pretty costly for me, and having to do so much of this job search from hundreds of miles away impairs my effectiveness and response time a good deal.

Dakota, the 3DGN writer I stayed with in Austin (and my probably future roommate) is a great guy, and his apartment has just the most incredible walk-in closet. His cats are OK, and he has something altogether wonderful: a cable modem. Gahh . . . I’ve gotten a taste of a high bandwidth connection, and I don’t ever want to go back. My modem connection right now just almost makes me want to cry (ok, so that’s a bit much on the hyperbole . . . it was DAMN nice connectivity, though). Friday night we rented Beetle Adventure Racing for the N64 and played that a lot this weekend. That’s a pretty fun little console game, and it even has lava. It locked up when we tried to use the Duel mode though (we think that requires a memory pack) so we lost all the progress we’d made, all the way up to the professional level.

I’m also truly in awe of Dakota’s Quake 2 skills after watching him play in the 3DGN vs. Stomped.com match on Friday night. 3DGN slaughtered Stomped, and it was mainly Dakota and Rob who ruled the maps (though our editor, Rick, was quite the rail-gun whore). I’ve got like 60 e-mails sitting in Outlook now – I’ve read most of them, but haven’t responded to any except the employment related ones yet. If you e-mailed me, be patient, I’ll get to it eventually.


April 15th, 1999

Out of Town For Job Interview
I’m leaving this morning to drive to Austin for a job interview tomorrow. So, this means that this is probably the only item of news for today or tomorrow. I might be back in time tomorrow to do an update, but I don’t know, and I’m likely to be a bit tired whenever I do get back.


April 14th, 1999

Geiss: Coolest Screensaver/WinAmp Vis Plugin
A friend of mine (thanks Matt) told me about this tremendously cool WinAmp vis plugin he’d discovered this morning. So, I went and finally upgraded to WinAmp 2.10 (I’ve had 2.09 for a while and just hadn’t bothered with the latest upgrade yet) and was pleased to find out that the new WinAmp will play my Audio CDs now, though I’m a little confused with just what the hell I’m supposed to do with that minibrowser. Anyway, I checked out this plugin he mentioned, called Geiss. It’s available as both a screensaver and as a WinAmp visualization plugin, and both of them respond to music and sounds. Geiss is simply the coolest, most awesome plugin I’ve ever seen. The visual effects are stunning, it’s enthralling to watch it, and you simply have to see it in action to comprehend its coolness. Geiss is also a very small program, both the plugin and the screensaver are under 120k downloads each. WOW. Try it.

Game Gurus Back in Action
Sudden reminded me of something that I’ve simply been forgetting to post the last few days . . . The Game Gurus Network is back up and running, with their main page as well as their various sections and content back online. Game Gurus did lose a lot of staff during their long downtime, however, and they’re looking for some replacements. If you think you might be fit for staffing one of the Game Gurus sections, go check them out.


April 13th, 1999

Tax Return
I finally did my tax return last night. It looks like I’ll be getting a $379 refund. Doh! I’m kicking myself for not doing it earlier. It’s really unlike me to wait so long to do my taxes, I usually have them done and mailed by early March. Ahh well. I’m thinking I’ll get my refund check around the time the TNT2 Ultras are available . . .

Update on the Fewlio/Frustrated Web War Bit
First off, I’m posting this for news/information purposes, NOT to try to stir things up again. Frustrated has posted a bit on her site entitled “My side of the story” which explains her take on the things she said about fewlio and why she said them. She’s also displaying a list of sites on her news page that have e-mailed her to show support. It’s 14 sites strong as I write this, and I do have to confess that I’ve not heard of most of them, though ERG-MAD.COM and Roosh.net are amongst them. Heh, Frustrated called yggdrasil.net “a pretty big player.” I’m flattered, though I don’t think that’s necessarily true. In what I suspect is a response to that, Shlonglor posted a bit on his site saying “If you have a big site, go over to http://www.frustrated.org/ and support her cause against the wretched and vile fewlio!” Now, in a medium lacking a lot of visual and auditory clues, sarcasm is sometimes hard to detect and it’s all how things read to you – to me, that reads as a pretty sarcastic comment. Shlonglor posted an item today, though, saying that just because he links to or plugs a site, he doesn’t necessarily agree or disagree with the content or opinions there (duh!).

On the opposite side of things, fewlio has posted a Victory page to espouse his side of things, and to gloat. Now throughout most of this, I’ve been quietly supporting Frustrated. That victory page fewlio posted though reaches a new low in taste in my opinion, though, and while I’m sure it’s giving him many giggles, it reads as nothing but self-glorifying spin to me. One thing I particularly take issue with is fewlio’s claims that Frustrated is a proponent of internet censorship and an opponent of free speech. Well, (this is my opinion, just in case there’s any confusion) fewlio is dead wrong and totally misses the point. Censorship is not controlling what is said on your own damn web site, particularly when it’s essentially your own private opinion page. fewlio is tossing out buzzwords of “internet censorship” and “free speech” to draw attention and spur reactions, when those things speak of much greater issues, and it’s a disservice to confuse those issues with his little spat with Frustrated.

Second Article on Memory
Sharky Extreme has the second article in their Memory Guide online. I was pleased to discover that the Memory Guide I posted about before was only the first part, and this second guide deals with Memory Performance. This second guide goes into more detail on the history of memory and does a pretty good job of explaining where the various bottlenecks in performance lie (and why).


April 12th, 1999

Explanation on Rants, Ravings, Opinions, etc.
A couple of my readers and friends lately have pointed out a couple of web sites out there that are doing daily (or less than daily but still pretty frequently) “Rants” and so forth. One that Minx pointed out to me was Online Gaming World which features a thing called “BK’s Rant” done by KnightBK. Another one that sticks out in my mind is “Razor’s Rant” over at Planet Riva. I’m flattered that some of you care enough to look out for any possible “proprietary idea” or special feature of mine (Ravings of a Zealot) but those features on the other pages are essentially just when someone decides to display their opinion on the news page, and calls it something special. I won’t/don’t do that here, because I pretty much do what they’re doing every day, in every post. I simply don’t give it a fancy headline for the news page to make it SEEM like something special.

Web Wars
Shlonglor recently posted some views of his about “poor people” on his web site (Everything But Gaming). Those views spurred a lot of responses, both in agreement with and opposed to. One of my semi-regular read sites, run by a lady namedFrustrated (who has posted on Shlonglor’s page before and has been linked from there on occasion) posted one of the most notable responses on her own page entitled Trauma and Catharsis in which she says, amongst many other things, “I just read the saddest thing I think I have ever read Infact. I’m not even sure a human wrote it. It was the coldest most unfeeling thing…..God. God help us all.” Shortly thereafter (the next day I believe) a few things happened, all in a short period of time: “fewlio,” webmaster of Game of the Moment finally put up a forum on his site. A plain, stock, uncustomized WWWBoard forum. Shortly thereafter, he announces a new feature on his site entitled “Web Wars.” He describes it thusly:

I’ve decided to institute a new feature to GotM. I call it Web Wars! The idea is to have a war with a rival web page. Nothing nasty, just e-mails, dialogue and debate among the two opposing web pages. The page I currently deem to be an enemy of GotM is www.frustrated.org. The webmaster of that page has gone to great lengths to badmouth not only me, but also you the readers of this page! So head over to that page and post on the message board why GotM is the best and why frustrated.org is the lamest piece of crap ever!

What ensued afterwards, in apparently just a three hour span of time, is people flooding Frustrated’s own recently setup forum and posting all sorts of crap there flaming her and her site and her readers and so forth as encouraged by fewlio. People also posted on GotM’s forum, including people either posting as Frustrated who aren’t her, or fewlio changing the names on a couple of posts to make it look like Frustrated posted them. Frustrated took down her forum, and fewlio declared that as a victory for GotM. Frustrated had her own things to say about that, of course (even in one post comparing his attitude and tactics to that of a date-rapist) – check out her site (and the other sites respectively) to get the full sense of things.

Shee, and I thought the April Fools’ thing was a mess. So, for all of this, I’ve chosen a new Pointless Poll topic to get your opinions on this, and am also curious as to whether or not you all think I should step into this. Right now, I’m sitting on the sidelines watching it all. Part of me want to just go on and try to stay away from it. Part of me thinks it would be damned amusing to try to get fewlio to declare war on yggdrasil.net and be the next “victim” of his Web Wars, or to just declare war on him and his site myself. All in all, when it comes right down to it, this is extremely tempting to me, since it would be such a fun and wonderful exchange of opinions (perhaps it’s time I brush up on the banning and message deletion options for my forum script), and it’s also extremely frightening, since it could be such a huge pain in the ass flame-fest.

Overall, while I qualify this by saying that I haven’t read ALL the associated material (particlarly since Frustrated’s forum is down and some of it cannot be read) on this whole thing, I have to tend to side with Frustrated.

New Pointless Poll Topic
Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “It’s about time.” Yes, the previous Pointless Poll Topic (How long until 3dfx dies?) has been up the longest of any of the Pointless Poll topics. First, I had a hard time coming up with an idea for a new topic. My excuse is that my mind has been on far too many other things lately. Secondly, when the 3dfx/Glide Wrapper thing started to heat up again, I decided to leave the poll up to see if that affected things much. As it turns out, this is the closest of all the polls I’ve run thus far, with a fairly even split between “What are you nuts? 3dfx forever!” with 26.4% – (89 Votes), and “They’re dead before Christmas” with 24.6% – (83 Votes). As always, you can check out the full results of the last poll with thePrevious Poll Results page.

The new topic is “Site/Web Wars: Good idea or bad idea?” This one was inspired by my thoughts and ponderings over the entire GOTM/Frustrated/Shlonglor thing. The news post above this one should explain and clarify what I mean for ya.