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Update: Not lots of anything interesting to post about for yesterday.  Worked.  Ate food. Sockeye Salmon for lunch, which was actually a bit better than some of the other salmon I’ve had before.  Thankfully went home at a normal time, not having to work late.  Aside from laundry achievement, I was pretty well lazy.  Sat/laid in bed, watching tv and chatting with folks on my laptop.  I’m planning on something very similar tonight.

Link of the Day: The Pirate Bay sold, goes legit?

Spam of the Day: “And when he came to observe his feet”

Funny of the Day: I’ve been known to have this effect.

Pic of the Day: “Mouser?  That’s for AMATEURS.”

Quote of the Day: “lol, i actually had sauce running down my chin a sec ago, my bangcock roll exploded when i tried to take a bite” – Kara


Stuff of the Day

Update: I had a very good weekend.  Fun times, enoyable time spent with people I like.  Couple of annoyances, like having a headlight on my car go out Friday night, and having to replace it Saturday ($17.51 for the bulb, which isn’t bad, just an unexpected expense with shitty timing), and how freaking HOT it was Friday and Saturday.  Stressing out over money – I’m on stupidly tight funds until July 10th.

Saw The Proposal on Friday night.  It was cute, funny, pretty good.  Despite the whole “chick flick” stigma, it was a solidly enjoyable movie.  I was previously misinformed, however, as to the amount and extent of Sandra Bullock’s nudity in the film – definitely could have used more of that, IMO.  😉

Additionally, saw The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen yesterday afternoon on/as part of Kara’s Birthday celebration.  It was OK.  Some of the Bayhem-isms on the film annoyed me.  The spinning camera around Shia and Megan in one scene was really, really irritating.  It downright made Kara queasy.  The massive, excessive overutilization of Shakycam also bugs the crap out of me.  It’s not limited to this film, or Michael Bay, it seems to be used in practically everything now for action.  Such a horrible blight on the film industry.  That needs to either die entirely, or be relegated to very limited, “special” usage when it’ll actually accentuate a scene and give it more impact due to its rarity.

T2 is worth seeing.  Especially on a matinee if you can.  Does it have flaws, problems?  Oh hell yes.  It also has giant robots fighting, and a few very funny moments (Sam’s mom at college was great).

Link of the Day: Interesting and unusual car paint jobs

Spam of the Day: “Best oil for pork motor” – Seriously, I don’t make any of this stuff up.

Funny of the Day: I’m tempted to try this one, but I am skeptical of the results I’d get.

Pic of the Day: Too soon?

Quote of the Day: “(972): they say celebs die in threes. leave it to billy mays to throw in one extra COMPLETELY FREE!” – Someone from TFLN.


No Stuff This Week

Been busy the last three days.  Today . . . meh.  News I’m not altogether happy about in the short term.

Nothing serious, don’t freak, just kind of a bummer.

So, not in the mood to write stuff.  Since it’s already Thursday, I decided, screw it.  I’ll just take the week off, other than the post on hacking Carrier for the Yahoo change.


Quick/Dirty Yahoo Fix for Carrier 2.5.5

So, lots of people using third-party IM clients noticed last week that their Yahoo connectivity broke.  This is because Yahoo discontinued older versions of their client protocol, and this broke a lot of third-party apps that used those versions of the protocol, notably multi-IM apps.  Pidgin and Carrier (a branch of Pidgin) are notable examples of cross-platform open source multi-protocol IM apps that were broken with this.

I’ve personally gotten spoiled and lazy from Carrier (and Trillian before that), having one app that I can use for most of the IM services I use all together, not having to hassle with multiple seperate clients (though occasionally I’ve loaded up a distinct client for specific features that Carrier doesn’t support – but for just general, chatting with people, having 1 app to use is nice).  Having one of the core points of functionality broken on Carrier has been an irritant for me the last several days.

Pidgin already released a 2.5.7 upgrade, which fixes the Yahoo issues.  Carrier has a 2.5.7 release in work on the SVN, but for most people, trying to checkout/download files from the SVN, get all the stuff together to compile the code yourself, build the installer, etc., is just way too much work.  There’ll probably be a new installer for Windows out for Carrier 2.5.7 sometime this week.

Until then, if you happen to use Carrier and want to fix your Yahoo . . . there’s a pretty simple fix – you can snag the new libyahoo.dll from Pidgin 2.5.7 and overwrite the one in Carrier 2.5.5, and it seems to restore Yahoo functionality.  Here’s a download for just the libyahoo.dll, zipped up for easy management (since you can’t easily install Pidgin to get it out without messing up your Carrier install):

Unzip the libyahoo.dll and overwrite your current one (the new one Will be smaller than the one in Carrier 2.5.5), in your Carrier/plugins/ folder – make sure Carrier isn’t running when you do that.  Start up Carrier, and you should connect to Yahoo again.


Stuff of the Day

Update: This will be a pretty brief one again.  Sorry for no post again yesterday.  That was just lazy.  It happens.

Had a friend over last night.  Watched a couple of episodes of house.  Had some other fun.  Mixed feelings there on a few points.  Seem like the doubled dosage on the Androgel (which I got a phone call instructing me to start doing that, that my testosterone levels were still a bit low, a few days ago) might be doing some good.  One incident isn’t proof positive, but still . . . good sign.

Ended up feeling kind of worse today.  Maybe . . . exertions last night when I’m still fighting off/getting over this bug wasn’t the wisest call.

Had a very nice and good Wednesday evening.  Hanging out with a good friend, playing on furniture at Ashley, not getting my mind made up there on any option yet, being harassed by a creepy saleslady.  Thai food, yogurt, not-right tarzan smoothie thing.  Lots of talk.  It was good.  I could use more of that in my life.

Link of the Day: Modern Vampires

Spam of the Day: “Suiciders online” (Oh boy, I’m just waiting to see what AdSense makes of that)

Funny of the Day: Seems like sound logic to me.

Pic of the DayChe Guevara’s granddaughter wearing only a Bandolier Of Carrots!

Quote of the Day: “though, “i am not a google samich” might bear repeating just because it is so random. i’m loling at it still.” – Kara


Stuff of the Day

Update: Sorry for the fail to update Friday.  Or the last two days too.  Friday, I was simply too tired.  I was working on about an hour and a half of sleep.  I was up far, far too late the night before.  It was probably worthwhile.  There was a redhead female involved.

The last two days, I’ve been trying to fight off getting sick.  Monday I had a throat that started off tickly, and proceeded to scratchy and raw.  Yesterday, and today, throat is better, but I’ve got massive head congestion, and mucus production is in overdrive.  Meh.  Also, I worked late the last 2 days, and have been really very busy both of them, so I didn’t take the time to post stuff.  At least making token effort today.

Link of the Day: Fake Time Travel to Land Your Female Friend?

Spam of the Day: “Said the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo”

Funny of the Day: “Bartender, fetch us from frosty beers and fancy outfits!”

Pic of the Day: I honestly have no clue what to make of this.

Quote of the Day: “and cheap, srsly, i would never sit in a stranger’s noodles for only a buck” – Kara


Stuff of the Day

Update: I had a sort-of date last night with S to see The Hangover.  Ok, seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie – FIX THAT LACK.  Go see it as soon as possible.  It’s easily the funniest movie I’ve seen in a very long time.  Admittedly, there were some Wrong things in it that people who are too uptight and conservative might have issues with.  Fuck ’em, they need to lighten up.  I haven’t laughed that often or that hard in a theater in I don’t know how long.  I’ve tried to think of the last movie I saw that I laughed that much at, and I can’t think of anything more recent than Anger Management when I saw it in the theater – and I don’t think I laughed as much for it.

Broke my diet (again) last night.  Had a 6″ turkey on Italian Herb and Cheese from Subway last night.  Of the available cheap fast options, that seemed the least evil.

Haven’t touched my Warlock in WoW in like 2 weeks.  I’m debating whether or not I want to go back, finish off the last level to 80, and try to gear up to rejoin my guild raiding . . . or just consider it a lost cause and continue with the other pursuits I’ve been distracting myself with.

Link of the Day: Unusual Canned Foods from Around the World

Spam of the Day: “I photoshopped your face”

Funny of the Day: “Spazi” isn’t right, but it should be.

Pic of the Day: Blasphemy can be fun.

Quote of the Day: “(704): You know the commpass Jack Sparrow has? The one that just points at whatever you want? Thas pretty much my moral compass.” – Someone from TFLN


Stuff of the Day

Update: So, last night, after working late again, I ran home (in the rain, it started raining here about 20 minutes before we were set to end work, yay), scarfed down some quick food, took one of my meds, brushed teeth and straightened up, and went off to meet Ivy and Peel at The Ice House, for Party on the Patio.  They’d been there a good while, because they weren’t working until 7:00 like I was.  First time I’d been there.  Attractive waitstaff.  I was trying to behave myself, diet-wise, but I may have broken it with the jello shots.  One of them was practically thrust upon me, paid for by a new acquiantance we made there.  The second one was delivered to me, by one of the waitresses, for free.  Ivy was running on the theory that there was some girl drama going on between the employees . . . I don’t know what to make of it.  At the time, my train of thought pretty much consisted of, “free jello shot from cute girl.”

A pair of women came in there after we’d been there a while, a blonde in some shorts and a sort of peach paisely shirt, and a slender brunette in a horizontally black and white striped long clingy one-piece dress.  She had a kind of librarianish look about her, is the best way I can try to characterize it, that appealed to me.  I went up to them, introduced myself, invited them to come join us at The Ranch, which is apparently where we were about to go, and asked her for her phone number or email address.  Shot down.  They were supposedly about to go home, they had to get to bed pretty early to be up early, and Amanda (the one in the striped dress) “wasn’t really dating right now.”  Oh well.  Attempt made.

We proceeded to The Ranch, and oh, hey, those two women were there.  So while Ivy and Peel got us a table, I went up and talked to the two women, joked with them a bit.  I went and joined Ivy and Peel, we played some pool, I went and bought the two ladies a set of drinks of what they were already drinking, gave them to them with a simple, “I wanted to get these for you two,” then walked off, back to the pool table.  After having Peel beat himself at pool a couple of times for me, I talked to the two women again.  The plan was to ask Amanda to come be my partner for doubles pool, since there were just three of us.  Shot down, again.  They were really leaving now and heading home, etc.  Tried for her phone number again, denied again.  Didn’t employ a final-attempt line or two there I wish I’d thought of slightly sooner.  Oh well – she simply doesn’t know what a wonderful time she’s missing out on.

We left The Ranch not very long after, though getting Ivy’s tab settled up took what seemed like a long time.  Peel and Ivy were both pretty sedate the entire night.  Not how I remember things used to be years ago.  Still, I had a decent time last night, even if I didn’t end up with a new female friend out of the evening.  The entire bar/club meeting scene thing is kind of alien to me.

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Spam of the Day: “Live viruses-free!”

Funny of the Day: Brownie Points

Pic of the Day: Internet Danger Signs (click to enlarge):

Quote of the Day: “We have a snake fight going on out here in our parking lot, w00t” – Kara


Stuff of the Day

Update: Dunno what to say really. Worked late yesterday, working late today.  Going out tonight, will have to not drink at all, or drink -very- conservatively.  Seriously don’t want to wreck my diet again.  Dating front continues.  Small progressions, nothing notable yet.  Playing Poor until Friday.

Had a decent weekend.  Saturday was good, even though I had to work a half-day Saturday morning.  Got a good start on getting automatic updating working for our product, though it’s still not fully working with patches.  Haven’t sorted out why, yet, but I will.  Hung out with a friend Saturday late afternoon/evening into the night.  Worked on her very old, way slower than I thought, laptop, trying to get it updated and functional and reasonably reliable.  It informed her of a SMART disk error and impending drive failure the very next day.  :/

Link of the Day: Photos inspired by the 7 Deadly Sins

Spam of the Day: “Hey, open it up”

Funny of the Day: Kangaroo-like Pouch

Pic of the Day: I’d date her.

Quote of the Day: “If you like nerdy n’ dirty girls, she’s it, in fact, she’s kinky n’ thinky!” – Chris Gore