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Update:  So, what do I post for an update.  Weekend.  Weekend was the least active one I’ve had in a couple of months.  I stayed at home.  Pretty much all weekend, except for a short trip to Wal-mart Friday evening with Ivy, so I could grab a couple of things (primarily, more cereal.  Apparently, I’ve -really- missed raisin bran more than I knew).  Otherwise, I stayed in all weekend, slept a lot to catch up on not having enough for a while (I slept in WAY late on Saturday), watched a lot of Top Gear (all of Season 1 and a couple of episodes of Season 2), and drank some wine.  I’m pretty much out of Bota Shiraz now.  I -might- be able to get another half-glass or so out of it.  I didn’t really clean much – I did some dishes, tidied up the kitchen a little, but didn’t do much beyond that.  I really need to vacuum, still haven’t done that.

Was I moping?  Maybe I was just being practical, given that my car is sitting in the shop, with still no prognosis (I’m giving Littlefield until 3ish, and if they haven’t called me by then – which they won’t, of course – I’ll call them for a status update), and I needed some sleep and me time.  I had offers for companionship, which I rejected.  Some of it, genuinely because I didn’t really want anyone to intrude (oh, and Saturday, my left shoulder was sore and aching horribly) on my solo veg time.  Some of it, maybe . . . because I just didn’t really think that being with someone else I didn’t really want to be with when the person I wanted to be with was off with someone else for the weekend would make me feel any better.

Some friends had a poker game Saturday night that I’d have really liked to be able to go to, but I lacked transportation, and they couldn’t find anyone willing to give me a ride to and from their place.  Understandable, I guess, but I really would have liked to have been there.  I could have used the companionship and fun.  Does that seem to be a contradiction of the other offers of companionship I mentioned above?  All I can say is, they’re different sorts of things, really.

I’ve already had a couple of texts from one woman hinting that she wants to do something with me tonight.  I haven’t figured out yet how I’m going to decline.

Link of the Day: Jeremy Clarkson Sound Box video


Funny of the Day: “How’s the Magma?”

Pic of the Day: Kermit the Frog + Internet Horror

Quote of the Day: “(757): Shark Week may as well be Shark Weed.” – another gem from TFLN


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: I’m dropping the “Brief” portion of this.  Sometimes it’s brief, sometimes, not-so. I’ve not invested the time yet to shove this theme into working like I want (variable-width columns that will adapt automagically to your monitor size/resolution) so when I type in the editor, what looks brief to me (a few lines) ends up appearing 3x as long when shoved into the middle column here.  I’m probably the only person to care about this anyway.  

Not a whole lot to really say other than that here.  I enjoyed Top Gear last night, after a night of new Chuck and Heroes.  Heroes is good, but I’m sort of getting a kind of Robert Jordan-esque sort of impatience with the show.  Baby “Touch and Go (and now Stop)” Parkman is essentially a Deus Ex Machina tool for the show, as he can “Fix” everyone’s powers, and I wish they’d stop fucking with Hiro and give him back his time travel, fix Peter, etc.  Lemme rephrase from above: I really enjoyed Top Gear.  I’ve got the first 10 seasons downloaded, I need to find time to get around to watching all of those.  But my time is finite, and other priorities intrude.  Most of the other things I need/want to do have ended up taking precedence over mere non-interactive entertainment lately.

Oh, and . . . WTFGO Tarheels!

Link of the Day: I almost want this shirt. If the stripe just went all the way around, as it properly should.  (I think.)

Spam of the Day: “Does your child suffer from CP?” – It’s for Cerebral Palsy . . . but the subject is unfortunately (and darkly amusingly) vague.

Pic of the Day: Normal?

Quote of the Day: “A still small voice spake unto me, ‘Thou art so full of misery, Were it not better not to be?”’ – Alfred, Lord Tennyson, “The Two Voices”