Stuff of the Day

Update: Went home after work yesterday, and took an evening of very easy rest, aided by 2 beers.  Tried Shiner Light . . . it was OK.  Stronger taste than most light beers, and a little, to me, unusually yeasty.  Not BAD, but I’d still prefer Shiner’s Bock or Black Lager to it by quite a bit going by sheer taste.  Also tried the Shiner Hefeweizen.  Interesting beer, probably the best Hefeweizen I can remember trying, also very yeasty.  Still not overly a fan of Hefeweizens overall as one of a preferred styles of beer, but I’ve certainly tasted far worse.

Got a text message this morning from Bounce Energy, informing me I had a pending disconnect on my account.  39 minutes on the phone with them again, probably all but about 5 of that on hold, talked to two different people, one of which talked to his boss and the business office.  He read some of my notes back, and said, “Unbelievable.”  I said, “Yeah, unbelieve is a word I’d use for pretty much all of my dealings with anyone there for the last 3 months.”  James piped in with, “I’ll second that.”  After a while, he informed me that he’d make sure it’d get taken care of TODAY, and that someone would call me back to let me know when it had, indeed, been taken care of.  Yeah, we’ll see.

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Spam of the Day: “Scheme of J Lo’s silicon”

Funny of the Day: A Horgy.

Pic of the Day: Underwater Dreams

Quote of the Day: “The phone is vexing me today.  If it continues to vex, i’ll be tempted to hex.” – Kara


If You’re Going To Criticize Someone On Their Own Site . . .

Hi there.  I don’t know who you are . . . because I’m not going to bother to spend the time to figure it out.  I could go check site logs, trace back IPs, do reverse lookups, etc., and get a very good idea of who it is, if I cared to.  I don’t care enough to.

If you’re going to criticize someone with snarky, sarcastic rhetorical questions, on their own web site, on a domain they’ve owned for 11 years . . . man the fuck up and register as yourself.  Don’t do it anonymously.  Anonymous sniping like that just shows you to be a small-minded chickenshit.  Congratulations, you should feel awesome about yourself, as you annoyed me (as this post proves) with your little petty commentary.  You should be enshrined in the Internet Fuckwad Hall of Fame.

Maybe if you showed some fortitude and didn’t hide behind anonymity, I’d feel the slightest bit compelled to discuss with you details that really aren’t any of your business, but which you seem to be interested in.  Since you haven’t, I have absolutely no need, or desire, to justify or explain anything at all to you.  Here’s an idea, how about you go troll celebrity self-wanking sites like Perez Hilton or something where other twits of a like mind with yourself can participate too.