Low-carb Lunch: Grilled Steak, Portabellini Mushroom, and Jarlsberg

Went home for lunch today, and cooked.  That’s a . and not a ! because it’s not remarkable in and of itself, I pretty much had to, I don’t have anything left here in the office fridge except some cheese and bacon and a couple of cups of sugar-free Jello.  Still, it was nice, it felt good, and it was scrumptious.

Grilled (electric George Foreman style) Petite Sirloin steak from Albertsons, a nice Portabellini mushroom, and topped it off with thin slices of Jarlsberg (swiss) cheese.  Had a good hearty lunch, and have plenty of steak left over for stuff the next day or two. My cat, of course, approved of the steak.  I think it needs better spicing, but my spice selection is still tiny, it’ll come in time.

I really need a decent Wok.


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: Got Windows 7 (Build 7068) running on my gaming rig at home last night, and basically functional.  Testing out the “maybe this will run better with a fresh OS install, as well as being able to address all 4GB of RAM” concept.  Didn’t unfortunately have time to give it some serious evaluation – which means actually playing and working on leveling in WoW, with combat, looting, etc.  If I still get the occasional random hitching, then it means either that one of (or a combination of) the addons I use is the culprit, or that I simply need to get some hardware upgrades done.  Finally met a friend I’ve been communicating with via Twitter and other social network sites and a little on the phone last night.  She’s attractive, intelligent, funny, a bit geeky.  Someone I could definitely either just have as a friend, or date.  Not a clue what she thinks of me in return.

Was starting to get concerned about someone else, I just found out she lost her phone.  Got the bottle of Penfold’s Bin 28 Shiraz (I think ours is a different year though) from James (my direct boss, and our CIO) yesterday.  I was pretty sure I have a corkscrew . . . but if I do, I was unable to find it last night.  There’s a chance there’s still one hiding in a box somewhere, but I think I’m probably just going to have to buy another.  Seriously, this’ll be at least 3, if not more, corkscrews I’ve bought in the last 2 years.  That doesn’t count the one I ran off at New Year’s Eve ’07 to help Ganit acquire.

Link of the Day: Wall-E Computer case – one of the most intensive custom case jobs I’ve ever seen. Note: LOTS of images, long load time.

Spam of the Day: “Bring her to the seventh sky”

Funny of the Day: Woman’s Ideal Strip Club

Pic of the Day: Just Awesome.

Quote of the Day: “If the delete key were meant for something else, it would be labeled ‘Delete/back/whatever the hell some jackass decided.'” – David Chartier