Stuff of the Day

Update: I had a sort-of date last night with S to see The Hangover.  Ok, seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie – FIX THAT LACK.  Go see it as soon as possible.  It’s easily the funniest movie I’ve seen in a very long time.  Admittedly, there were some Wrong things in it that people who are too uptight and conservative might have issues with.  Fuck ’em, they need to lighten up.  I haven’t laughed that often or that hard in a theater in I don’t know how long.  I’ve tried to think of the last movie I saw that I laughed that much at, and I can’t think of anything more recent than Anger Management when I saw it in the theater – and I don’t think I laughed as much for it.

Broke my diet (again) last night.  Had a 6″ turkey on Italian Herb and Cheese from Subway last night.  Of the available cheap fast options, that seemed the least evil.

Haven’t touched my Warlock in WoW in like 2 weeks.  I’m debating whether or not I want to go back, finish off the last level to 80, and try to gear up to rejoin my guild raiding . . . or just consider it a lost cause and continue with the other pursuits I’ve been distracting myself with.

Link of the Day: Unusual Canned Foods from Around the World

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Funny of the Day: “Spazi” isn’t right, but it should be.

Pic of the Day: Blasphemy can be fun.

Quote of the Day: “(704): You know the commpass Jack Sparrow has? The one that just points at whatever you want? Thas pretty much my moral compass.” – Someone from TFLN


Stuff of the Day

Update: So, last night, after working late again, I ran home (in the rain, it started raining here about 20 minutes before we were set to end work, yay), scarfed down some quick food, took one of my meds, brushed teeth and straightened up, and went off to meet Ivy and Peel at The Ice House, for Party on the Patio.  They’d been there a good while, because they weren’t working until 7:00 like I was.  First time I’d been there.  Attractive waitstaff.  I was trying to behave myself, diet-wise, but I may have broken it with the jello shots.  One of them was practically thrust upon me, paid for by a new acquiantance we made there.  The second one was delivered to me, by one of the waitresses, for free.  Ivy was running on the theory that there was some girl drama going on between the employees . . . I don’t know what to make of it.  At the time, my train of thought pretty much consisted of, “free jello shot from cute girl.”

A pair of women came in there after we’d been there a while, a blonde in some shorts and a sort of peach paisely shirt, and a slender brunette in a horizontally black and white striped long clingy one-piece dress.  She had a kind of librarianish look about her, is the best way I can try to characterize it, that appealed to me.  I went up to them, introduced myself, invited them to come join us at The Ranch, which is apparently where we were about to go, and asked her for her phone number or email address.  Shot down.  They were supposedly about to go home, they had to get to bed pretty early to be up early, and Amanda (the one in the striped dress) “wasn’t really dating right now.”  Oh well.  Attempt made.

We proceeded to The Ranch, and oh, hey, those two women were there.  So while Ivy and Peel got us a table, I went up and talked to the two women, joked with them a bit.  I went and joined Ivy and Peel, we played some pool, I went and bought the two ladies a set of drinks of what they were already drinking, gave them to them with a simple, “I wanted to get these for you two,” then walked off, back to the pool table.  After having Peel beat himself at pool a couple of times for me, I talked to the two women again.  The plan was to ask Amanda to come be my partner for doubles pool, since there were just three of us.  Shot down, again.  They were really leaving now and heading home, etc.  Tried for her phone number again, denied again.  Didn’t employ a final-attempt line or two there I wish I’d thought of slightly sooner.  Oh well – she simply doesn’t know what a wonderful time she’s missing out on.

We left The Ranch not very long after, though getting Ivy’s tab settled up took what seemed like a long time.  Peel and Ivy were both pretty sedate the entire night.  Not how I remember things used to be years ago.  Still, I had a decent time last night, even if I didn’t end up with a new female friend out of the evening.  The entire bar/club meeting scene thing is kind of alien to me.

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Quote of the Day: “We have a snake fight going on out here in our parking lot, w00t” – Kara


Cancelled Stuff

I simply don’t feel up to a Stuff of the Day today.  I had a fun, bad, fun night last night.  My body was still working on metabolizing the alcohol when I slumped into work this morning.  On time, but I was moving only by force of will this morning, and I felt like hell for a while.

Hung out with Ivy and Peel, and surprisingly, Tomas last night.  Left to go meet a date at Barnes and Noble.  She never showed up.  Oooh, was I pissed.  That led to me meeting back up with Peel and Ivy and Tomas, at a different location (Woofers and Tweeters), and some impulsive decisions on my part as regards my alcohol consumption.  Got the email address of this girl I met at Woofers.  Now ran into the problem I predicted yesterday with conflicting single-letter name-associated psuedonyming.  Already have a J.  Am seriously not in any state right now to come up with a good methodology.  Anyone have any suggestions?


Stuff of the Day

Update: *yawn* If I hadn’t remembered to set my clock-radio alarm last night, I’d probably not have gotten moving in time today.  So tired, so sluggish, and I don’t know why.  I got to sleep at a reasonable time last night.  Bed was the most comfortable it’s been in quite a while, I washed the sheets and finally got the Egyptian Cotton mattress pad put on it (that I bought like 2 weeks ago, and washed this last weekend prior to using it), readjusted the foam pads to not be bunched up.

I’ll confess, yesterday’s Stuff of the Day went up early this morning, backdated.  This is because I had it all set up and ready yesterday, but was running into some significant MySQL issues with my server.  Site5 got them straightened out for me, but not in time enough for me to get it up properly yesterday.

A friend of mine since High School, Anthony Peel, moved back to Midland a couple of months ago.  Haven’t seen him since he moved back.  We were supposed to be out doing something fun and possibly getting into trouble last night, and the next couple of days, because his apparently paranoid controlling wife and kids will be out of town for a couple of days.  Plans must have changed, or something, because he informed me late yesterday afternoon that she wasn’t leaving until today, so we weren’t doing anything last night.  Damn.  I’d been looking forward to some fun on Wednesday night.  So, just before the end of work, I end up with my plans for the night gone.

So, ok, crap – let’s text several folks and see if I can do something anyway.  I ended up hanging out with (and meeting for the first time) someone I’ve been messaging back and forth for about a week.  We’ll dub her S for now.  If I don’t end up finding someone to be with for a while, I’m going to have to come up with some different psuedonyming conventions or something, lest I run out of handy letters (or end up with someone with a name starting with the same letter as another).  Spending the time with her was nice, we had some fun, seem to get along well personality wise, but I just didn’t feel a strong physical attraction.  I’m left wondering, since we seem to get along so well together, should I continue this and see how things might be on a second or later date, and see if physicality and affection may be worthwhile there?

All this is just so complicated and frustrating, since I feel a little bit like I’m just looking for something “for now” until I find out whether or not I’ll have any chance with someone I know I’d like to be with.

Link of the DayHow To Write Unmaintainable Code

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Funny of the Day: “It was vintage!”

Pic of the Day: “Even Denise Crosby had to tap that”

Quote of the Day: “It’s alcoholic chocolate milk.  I see no issue.” – Rayne Summers, on Bailey’s


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: It was a fairly busy weekend.  Added a few checkboxes to the “new experiences” list.  See my earlier post on DanceFAIL for one example.

Saturday, had a frienDate with K.  Dutch on everything.  Not thrilled with going backwards with someone, but I’d rather be friends with her than nothing.  We ate at Cheddars, and it was really surprisingly good.  I had the best Sirloin steak I’ve had easily over a year, the shrimp was decent, and the dressing on their Caesar salad was one of the best I’ve ever had in a restaurant.  I also had a little teensy bit of the Croissant that came with my salad.  ZOMG it was so light, flaky, and delicious.  I wanted to devour the entire thing.  But, trying to stick with the low-carb diet there . . . Not that it seems to have done any good (more on that below).  We killed some time doing some shopping at Barnes & Noble and Pier 1.  She got a gift or two for her niece, and I happened to spot some book she’d been looking for and snatched up immediately as we were in the line up to the cashwrap to check out.  Then we saw Star Trek again, then wrapped up with some mutual grocery shopping at HEB.  I know it all sounds really pedestrian, but I really enjoyed the 8 hours we spent together, regardless.

I weighed this morning, same routine I do every time I weigh.  UP 3.8 pounds.  Not horribly surprised, I had a vague feeling I’d gotten a little heavier.  Definitely unhappy about it, though.  Apparently, despite doing very good on actually being carb-conscious on what I ate this whole weekend, I either drank enough that burning the alcohol for energy continued for so long that all the fat I consumed didn’t get burned at all and just stuck around, or maybe one of the “diet” coke and vodkas I had wasn’t actually diet.  1 single decent glass of regular, fully sugared/HFCS’d coke will easily knock me right out of ketosis.  Almost wishing now I’d gone for some of the really, incredibly tempting scrumptious stuff at Cheddars I didn’t order.  :/

Got another one of the packages in today I was expecting, the PetFoodDirect shipment.  In addition to another bag of Innova dry food for her, got a dozen cans of Evo canned food.  She sort of got accustomed to having it as a treat/supplement a couple times a day in IN and AL, and this is the first time since I’ve moved back to Midland she’s had any.  She definitely seemed to enjoy it.

Link of the Day: Microsoft’s new Bing search engine

Spam of the Day: “Your drawbolt will go deeper in.”

Funny of the Day: “Not just ANY girl porn”

Pic of the Day: “Does he look like a bitch?”

Quote of the Day: “Damn those reckless Amish!” – Me



I went to Graham Central Station Saturday night, met a friend there. This is a place I haven’t been to in like, 7 years or so. Granted, some of that is because I was out of state for 6 years.

I had an ok time, had some fun there. I particularly enjoyed Wild Cats, the sort of Coyote Ugly like bar club. Complete with a bubble generator at the very end of the night.

But prior to that, my (female) friend I met there that night, tried to get me hooked up with Random Cute Female Eye Candy. This is where the fail comes in. It took place on the main dance club area, Zazoo or something like that.

Can someone explain to me the basics, guidelines, practicalities, etc. of how this is supposed to work? This is something I have zero familiarity with, and was literally shoved into it without warning. I was unprepared. I didn’t have a damn clue how to go about it, and it pretty much turned my confidence level from Fairly High to Oh Shit in no time – which, such dismal confidence I’m sure could be read by the women and girls there (because, indeed, some of these were merely girls) which helped contribute to my Fail.

How does this whole process, where your introduction to someone (apparently) comes in the form of you thrusting your groin into their ass work? Someone clue me in here, because I just don’t get it.


Stuff of the . . . Week?

Update: Yeah, so . . . I’ve been “bad.”  Long weekend, with Monday off, and I didn’t bother to do anything on the computer all that time.  Well . . . that’s not true.  I -did- play a rather lot of Plants vs. Zombies.  If you haven’t played it yet, check it out.  There’s a free demo for it, with 1 hour of play.  Trust me, it’s enough to get you hooked.

So, then, the work week.  Been pretty busy most of this week, and the other days where I wasn’t, I was chatting online with someone.  Not the best of news there, but I’m remaining confident.  So, some of my not updating any day this week except Friday, today, was part slacking and part being really busy with work stuff.  I want for stuff on the new product version to hurry the heck up, so we can shoehorn it out the door and then I can get the raise I’ve been assured will happen.  I can survive on what I’m being paid right now, but if I want to do interesting things, go places, have fun other than sitting at home watching tv/movies and playing too much WoW (I’ve done enough of that the last 5 years, thanks), I need more money.

So, I could probably make one heck of a mega post just devoted to catching things up from the last several days.  Screw that, here are the links:

Link of the Day: Google Wave

Spam of the Day: “cuttlefish”

Funny of the Day: Yes, and then cookies.

Pic of the Day: LeVar Burton is fucking awesome! (via @wilw)

Quote of the Day: “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” – Frederick Douglass


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: Saw Terminator: Salvation last night.  Enh, it’s “OK.”  It’s not the piece of steaming crap Harry Knowles made it out to be, but it’s not really Good either.  The characters overall are kind of flat, just there for the most part.  The score was very lacking . . . nothing in the entire film had the impact of only brief usages of Brad Fiedel’s themes from the first two Terminator films.  The action and effects were pretty good, but they mostly lacked the kind of epic feel that I was sort of expecting.  You got that feeling a bit when viewing a couple of vista-like images of Skynet controlled San Francisco, but beyond that, meh.  Several of the humans were also just Plain Stupid. If they do continue this post-Judgement Day series on with another film or two, I hope for a lot more from the next one.  If this is a mediocre set up for some truly awesome, epic class stuff, then it can be passable as such.

Had a weird conversation with J last night.  Initiated by her, I wasn’t really feeling like talking to her much.  I think she’s kind of crazy, or else she’s having a grand time enjoying this bizarre drama she’s creating for herself.  Whatever.

Have a date tomorrow with K.  Very much looking forward to it.  Trying to come up with something interesting to vary a fairly standard date.  

Link of the Day: The Art of Levitation

Spam of the Day: “(The Fimble Fowl, with a corkscrew leg”

Funny of the Day: Window Shopping

Pic of the Day: That’s a sign you don’t see that often.

Quote of the Day: “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” – Mark Twain


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: Plans: changed.  Date with K, tonight, not tomorrow.  Will probably abbreviate said date, to my dismay.  Still very much looking forward to it.

Finally heard something after a month of NOTHING from Goddess yesterday afternoon.  Not entirely happy, but very relieved to finally get some communication at all.

Drama from M last night.  Passive-aggressive hypocritical game crap.  Hope it’s done with.

Got a new toy last night, courtesy of Ivy and Kodi.  Haven’t figured out how to make iTunes cooperate with me entirely, but already enjoying it.

Link of the Day: Fish eats a DUCK!

Spam of the Day: “Wanted: ugly timeshares”

Funny of the Day: Why is it glowing?

Pic of the Day: Very funny.  Wait until you see what’s in your shoes tomorrow morning.

Quote of the Day: “that’s why i use a straw and blow bubbles in it first. or there is always wine bonging” – mtdewd (in response to a nutshell explanation of wine decanting)


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: So, Friday/Saturday was an eventful evening, Saturday and Sunday, on the other hand, were not so much.  Saturday afternoon/night and Sunday afternoon were spent working on my main/gaming computer.  After a “security blanket” full backup via disc image was done (which took like 5 hours, Acronis True Image LIES on its time estimates!), I just went with the “oh, what the hell” option, blew away the boot drive entirely, and did a fresh new install of Windows 7 RC.  Then reinstalling stuff.  Lots of stuff.  I still don’t have several things back on there yet, but the machine is to the point of “mostly usable” for my requirements now.  Installed WoW, both expansions, patches (ugh, they need a 3.01 to 3.1 step-up patch), and got my Addons mostly back up to par . . . and then just didn’t feel like playing much.  

I like Win7.  Way better than Vista.  A few things that do require adapting to, but overall, it’s the easiest to set up version of Windows ever, and, for the most part, it just sorta works. I was especially happy when I stumbled upon the, ought to be fairly obvious but I just managed to miss it for a long time, option to Pin an app to the TaskBar (more or less making it like the old Quick Launch toolbar) so I could make Chrome stay down there nicely.

Friday night going well into Saturday morning . . . was certainly an eventful time filled with new experiences.  Much of which . . . I probably shouldn’t relate here.  I ended up in the course of the night visiting two clubs/bars I’ve never been to before, Basin Nights (where I was shanghai’d into singing karaoke, for the third time ever.  I mangled RHCP’s Under the Bridge), and Crossroads.  Crossroads . . . I’m not sure if it’s a GBLT full-time, or just on Friday nights, or just that night for some special event, or whatever.  It’s clientele wasn’t exclusively those of alternative sexuality, but whatever the case, honestly it was probably the most fun and interesting bar I’ve been in since I moved back to West Texas.  Met some new and interesting people.  One of which I saw get thrown out of Basin Nights for allegedly doing illegal things, which I suspect was mostly bullshit and was someone being petty and vindictive. But, whatever.  I also had women buying Me drinks that night, which is sort of a refreshing change.

Link of the Day: Elements from Blizzard Games Done in Lego

Spam of the Day: “Don’t look inside” – This seems oddly counterproductive to me.  

Funny of the Day: “My insides!  They’re on fire!”

Pic of the Day: Move along.

Quote of the Day: “At that point in the morning making that kind of decision and doing that kind of math is like asking someone with downs syndrome to perform brain surgery: Difficult, at best.” – Name Withheld by Giggling Request