Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: So, my weekend basically went nothing like planned.  I was going to be productive, use the cordless drill I borrowed from James (and bits borrowed from Corey) and get my water filter and new thermostat installed.  Didn’t happen . . . I really need to get that done tonight and return those to them.  Friday night plans didn’t happen as they were supposed to, I couldn’t get in touch with anyone fun to do something, so I went out and saw Fast and Furious.  While certainly not a cinematic masterpiece, it was a fun, enjoyable film.  I don’t really understand why it’s reviewing so badly with the general public.  Some fun stunts, fun driving . . . not as many awesome cars and car mods, but more eye candy than Tokyo Drift had. Go in to this movie expecting a fun film experience without thinking about it too deeply, and I think you’ll be entertained.

Later that night moving into Saturday morning, I ended up chatting (and then later texting) with a woman in Odessa for hours.  I really want to meet this woman, largely to see if she’s all that she’s represented herself as.  Since I was up so late Saturday morning, I slept quite late, and after I finally got up and moving and showered, shaved, dressed, etc., went out to my Dad’s for a visit, because my Aunt Kathy was in town for the weekend.  I helped my dad try to work on updating her computer (she boxed up and brought the entire thing over), and in the process of trying to install Windows XP SP3, things went FUBAR.  I think Norton Internet Security is to blame.  It ended up in this endless reboot cycle where Windows would do the “oh crap, we didn’t start successfully last time, what do you want to do?” and no matter what option we chose (couldn’t even get into Safe Mode more than once) it would fail and restart again.  Joy.  That ate up hours Saturday night, I left my dad’s after midnight, and it’s still not properly functional.

Sunday . . . after a late start, I went out shopping for a few things.  Hit JC Penneys and capitalized on this awesome sale they had going yesterday, and got my bathroom plans -mostly- taken care of.  Picked up 4 bath towels, 2 hand towels (they were out of wash rags in the same color), and a bath rug for $19.  I think I’m going to go back and pick up another rug as well as try to get the same Royal Red wash rags to match.  I also picked up 2 awesome Sealy pillows on the cheap there.  After that, I went to Academy Sports and committed financially to the whole “ok, let’s add regular exercise” concept.  Too much money spent on some workout clothes.  

I finally hit 78 last night in WoW, 2 more (long) levels to get to 80 (which I should have been at, oh, 3 1/2 weeks ago), then I can try to get gimpily geared up as quick as possible to rejoin Warfare in raiding.  I’m a little mixed on that, I hope getting with the guild in raids will re-inspire my love for the game, because just right now working on grinding my Warlock up to 80 I’m just not feeling it like I used to.  I’m not sure if it’s just not being able to raid with my guildmates, or if other . . . interests and diversions . . . are more appealing now.

Link of the Day: The 411 on Free 411

Spam of the Day: “Women are put off by the sight of a dwarf hook”

Funny of the Day: Works for me

Pic Vid of the Day: John Madden: Dungeon Master – “Think fast!”

Quote of the Day
“My best friend gave me the best advice
He said each day’s a gift and not a given right
Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind
And try to take the path less traveled by
That first step you take is the longest stride” – If Today was Your Last Day, by Nickelback


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: So, I’m feeling MUCH better today.  Caffeine, breakfast, lunch, all those things rather tend to help not being cranky, tired, unfocused.  Imagine that.  I ended up going to bed stupid early last night because by about 8, I had a horrid, raging headache, so the thought of trying to do anything productive, or even just zone out and XP in WoW was about as unappealing as a rancid sore on a 3-day old carcass of an armadillo fart.

Last night I grilled steak and portabellini mushrooms (officially started back on the low-carb diet after a week break yesterday, figured with the fasting and all it was as good a time as any).  I had them again for lunch today, with provolone cheese melted over.  I added some celery for green fibery goodness.  I meant to take a picture of it to post here at lunch, but I was hungry and started tearing into it before I remembered to go get my camera.  Woops.

Link of the Day: This brings a new meaning to “sleepwear”

Spam of the Day: “Travel the world doing what you love. Be a Massage Therapits” – Therapits?

Funny of the Day: Now that’s Ownage.

Pic of the Day: Google is hiring, apparently.

Quote of the Day: “What’s gayer than gay?” – James Cross


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: I just had my first bits of food, all day.  I’d been fasting since late last night, only water, for this appointment I had with Dr. Doctor today.  Got grumped at a bit, got an appointment set for an opthamalogist on the 29th to check out my left eye, a recommendation to see a dermatologist as well, and had 3 vials of blood drawn for lab work.  Lab work went over my per-visit limit, so a $30 visit turned into a $139 visit.  This is before I even go get prescriptions filled.  Right there my thoughts of maybe picking up a refurb iPod Touch from Apple died, at least for now.  Still, I suppose it’s better to be right and well and have a tech toy or two fewer.

Link of the Day: Russian Hairdresser Turns Would-be Robber Into Sex Slave

Spam of the Day: “Cobras process is fast and easy”

Funny of the Day: Way better Mac vs. PC ad

Pic of the Day: Pie Charts Adjusted to Reflect Perception

Quote of the Day: “Never knock on Death’s door: Ring the bell and run away! Death really hates that!” – Matt Frewer


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: Today has just been rough.  Brushing my teeth this morning, I managed to dribble toothpaste all over my polo shirt.  It didn’t want to come out very easily, so I had to end up changing shirts, and so squeaked into work right at 8, rather than a couple of minutes earlier.  Coming in, James informed me that he couldn’t connect to the SQL server on the dev (virtual) server.  Weird, frustrating, peculiar things were happening with the virtual NIC wanting to get all kinds of IP addresses other than the one it’s assigned by static DHCP by MAC address.  Even configuring the IP information manually didn’t work.  Ended up going through a whole host of things trying to fix it, including rolling back to a VM snapshot . . . from 8 days ago.  When it finally started working properly again – and I still don’t know why the heck it’s working as it should be, nor why it was misbehaving in the first place – we faced some more absolutely fun issues with the SVN being older than the revisions on the local machines, because it basically got rolled back in time a week.  I haven’t had this much of a headache from work since I was dealing with the cursed X41s from hell.

Link of the Day: “The shock waves kill the squirrels and collapse their tunnels – but in a humane way”

Spam of the Day: “Wear pajamas to work. And, never have to leave the house!”

Funny of the Day: Speaking of . . .

Pic of the Day: /b/ Explains the Bible

Quote of the Day: “That sounds like some kind of Indian porno.” – James Cross, about one of the Oriental Dancefloor tracks that was playing at the time.


Stuff of the Day

Update: On time for work this morning.  Like, Just, but still, improvement over yesterday.  Not lots to say there.  Alarms worked perfectly, I just didn’t want to move very easily this morning.

Feeling very tumbled up inside right now.  Very powerful emotions, and conflict within myself for feeling like this.  Very complex situation. Probably shouldn’t say anything about it.  So, I won’t.

Afternoon now.  I wrote the last bit above this morning.  I was really tired, and was being a mopey bitch.  Feeling better, more like myself now.

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Spam of the Day: “History of models’ suicide”

Funny of the Day: Pez.  Heh.

Pic of the Day: How do you get a leash on that thing?

Quote of the Day: “This is like, the most cheerful emo song ever.” – Me, regarding Katy Perry’s “Self Inflicted”


Found my Phone

Found my phone at lunch.  It was wedged between my bed and the wall, turned off.  The last part isn’t too surprising to me.  LG enV2s have a nasty tendency of shutting themselves off, or “pocket dialing.”  Just in my jeans pocket, my phone will turn itself off all the bloody time.  It’s even added a new contact (the number 34, with like 4 or 5 random numbers as the phone number) before.

Supposedly, there’s a firmware update that helps with this, as it offers an option to change the way the phone locks and unlocks.  I can’t get that firmware upgrade here right now, of course (I’ve tried).  This is still Alltel land, I can’t get the firmware Over-The-Air, and there’s not a Verizon store for a Loooong way to take it into to get a manual upgrade done.


Stuff of the Day: Whut? OH CRAP! Edition

Update of the Day: So, I was late for work this morning.  Not just a little bit either.  I was woken up at around 8:20 by my cat (I’m supposed to be at work at or before 8:00 a.m.).  I can’t find my phone.  My phone, which I’m perhaps entirely too dependent on.  I have lots of contact information in there that I’ve not bothered to record elsewhere.  Thankfully, I use the automated contact backup app I get “free” with my plan with Verizon, so all that stuff is backed up to Verizon’s servers daily.  Better yet, I can go to the web site and access and manage that contact information there, so I can actually find and use those numbers sans phone.  This is good, because I had to do that this morning to call someone and see if maybe my phone ended up in with their stuff on accident.

More pressing, though, is I use my phone as my alarm.  Alarms.  Now, understand, I’ve got TWO perfectly functional clock-radio alarms.  Still packed, sitting in a box in my living room.  I haven’t really needed them, the phone (generally) suffices.  I customarily keep it close at hand, I’ve got a really irritating ringtone I use as the alarm, and it’s loud enough.  I’ve had a couple of incidents where I shut off the alarms and went Back to sleep, but they’ve been fairly rare.  After Baby woke me up this morning, once I realized what time it actually was, I spent about 5 minutes looking for my phone, with ever-increasing irritation and near-panic, then 10 minutes hurriedly showering and dressing and getting to work.  Almost 40 minutes late.

Terrible start to a work week, after a pretty good weekend.  Played poker with friends Saturday night.  It was fun, but wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped it could be.  I learned that it gets me really drunk really fast if I mix saké with beer, wine, and vodka (not simultaneously, just all consumed througout a couple hours).  Sunday evening, I had about 4 hours of really good quality time spent with a friend.  Wasn’t enough, but it was still very nice.

Link of the Day: – Very nifty site, lots of stuff really cheap (from China!) with FREE SHIPPING.

Spam of the Day: “Paris Hilton pees like men”

Funny of the Day: That’s unpossible!

Pic of the Day: The Digestive System of the Internet

Quote of the Day: “Looking at stuff for my apartment reminds me of Fight Club. ‘Which flatware set defines me?'” – Me, on Twitter this weekend.


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: So, I certainly learned one thing . . . when I leave for the day and shut down my browser and WordPress grumps at me about leaving the page – do a manual “Save Draft” before I allow it to close, otherwise work WILL be lost.  I got some good news on one of the two fronts I was looking for it on last night.  The next couple of weeks won’t be as lean wallet-wise as I was fearing they might be.  Met with my dad, talked about work stuff, ate fried chicken, totally blew my diet.  I’m giving some serious thought (since it’ll take me 2 days or so to get back into ketosis) to either just enjoying the weekend and indulging, or switching to Weight Watchers for a couple of months to give that a try.  Not sure how I want to go there.  Would really like to talk to a specific someone about that, but that’s the other front, haven’t heard anything in two days.  🙁 

Link of the Day: The 50 Best Selling Console Games of this Decade (So Far)

Spam of the Day: “Satanist housewife cooked cats!” 

Funny of the DayWe’re going to have to confiscate that.

Pic of the DayI like the attitude.

Quote of the Day: “I guess she’s a gay dude.” – Name withheld by request.


Stuff of the Day

Update of the Day: Just kinda sad and lonely last night.  Haven’t seen someone I really want to since Sunday morning, and feeling a little disappointed from that – our parting was a little stressed, and was supposed to see them again that afternoon/evening, but it didn’t happen.  Really want to see her, just talk to her and hold her.  Disliking being like that, makes me feel like I’m all weepy and clingy, which is not how I generally am.  So, the initial missing them, coupled with self-frustration for feeling like that, sort of a double negative whammy, really sort of bites.  It bled over into other things – I had time and opportunity to work on my last 3 levels in WoW, tried for a little bit, but just wasn’t feeling like dealing with it.  I played for like an hour maybe and then just logged off, watched some TV, fell asleep to Mythbusters.  Meh.

Link of the DayThe Perfect Boat for the Infected / Zombie Apocalypse

Spam of the Day: “Supermodel became hauler!”

Funny of the Day: Work of art indeed.

Pic of the Day: MINE!

Quote of the Day: “Gardening Coaches?  Didn’t those used to be called . . . OVERSEERS?” – Me.


Low-carb Lunch: Grilled Steak, Portabellini Mushroom, and Jarlsberg

Went home for lunch today, and cooked.  That’s a . and not a ! because it’s not remarkable in and of itself, I pretty much had to, I don’t have anything left here in the office fridge except some cheese and bacon and a couple of cups of sugar-free Jello.  Still, it was nice, it felt good, and it was scrumptious.

Grilled (electric George Foreman style) Petite Sirloin steak from Albertsons, a nice Portabellini mushroom, and topped it off with thin slices of Jarlsberg (swiss) cheese.  Had a good hearty lunch, and have plenty of steak left over for stuff the next day or two. My cat, of course, approved of the steak.  I think it needs better spicing, but my spice selection is still tiny, it’ll come in time.

I really need a decent Wok.